Basics of an Easy Prints® Layout

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Need artwork for t-shirts without having to pay for the artwork or without paying a designer?

Get your artwork fast, easy, and for free with ready-made, customizable artwork for heat transfers called Easy Prints®.

We know many of our customers aren’t artists, nor are they able to hire an artist to create the designs used for their apparel. Which is why we, a long time ago, decided to help those who need custom artwork fast.

Over the years, a team of talented artists have created over 5,000+ Easy Prints design layouts and clip art that can be customized to meet your customer’s needs.

Turn these layouts into awesome t-shirt designs using our free online designer, Easy View®.

Watch this quick video to see some examples of the design transformation, “from this to that”!


What is a layout exactly?

A layout is a structured arrangement of text and/or clip art that are pieced together to create a graphic design that is perfect for t-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags, and other apparel items.

Layouts can range from a simple arrangement to a very complex arrangement. The basic components of a layout are text and clip art.


Basic components of an Easy Prints layout include Text and Clip Art

Basic components of an Easy Prints layout include text and clip art.


Text includes the words placed in a layout. They can be arranged in a variety of shapes and orientations as well as be many different fonts or typestyles.

Some of the different text shapes could be a “blimp” shape, arched, slanted, circular, as well as many more different shape options shown below.


Type Arrangements and Shape options for Easy Prints layouts.

Type arrangements and shape options for Easy Prints layouts.


In addition to changing the shape of text to make it look unique within a layout, text can also be altered by changing the typestyle. Transfer Express currently offers over 200 different fonts that can drastically change the look and personality of a design layout.


Easy Prints® typestyles that make a design unique

Easy Prints® typestyles that make a design unique


Clip art are graphic images that are designed to illustrate different categories such as people, animals, objects, etc.

Clip art can also be shapes, swirls, splatters and a variety of different artistic images. Currently there are over 10,000 clip art options to choose from. The number is constantly increasing as our artists create new layouts and clip art every week.


Examples of Easy Prints® clip art

Examples of Easy Prints® clip art


Easy Prints® layouts are very versatile. With other 5,000 layouts and 10,000 clip art, finding a design to fit your needs is easy.

Just remember that layouts can be customized as little as changing the words and clip art, or as much as you want by changing the typestyles, colors, size of text and clip art and many more options.

You may start with one design layout and by the time you’re done customizing, it looks like a completely different design.


Easy Prints custom shirt designs


It’s Your Turn!

Ready to start customizing Easy Prints layouts?

Log into Easy View, our online designer that is a simple tool to customize a layout.

Need to create an account? Start an account and create your first design in minutes.

Have fun designing!



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Can I upload my own design? And can I get multiple size or I only get one size per order?

Dealer Services

Yes, you can upload your own art into Easy View, using the “Add Your Art” button on the left hand side. You can also add any size to the sheet, as long as it all fits into the 11.25″ x 14″ area. Let us know if you have any more questions!

Justin Wilson

Can I download and use the artwork for other, “in house”, decoration methods? (CAD Color, embroidery, chenille, etc)

Dealer Services

Hi Justin,
Our artwork is free of charge to use to customize with our transfers only.

LaDonna Speice

I just sent art work over. I am needing 54 prints of two different sizes
Left chest logo.
center back
I want to know if you can get 2 backs and 2 front logos on one page? and the cost for these .
All one color white going on a 50/50 Gildan t shirt.

Dealer Services

Hi LaDonna,
I see that your orders got placed already. I’m glad our Dealer Services were able to help you!


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