Customize Hoodies Using Transfers

It’s hoodie season. The perfect apparel for the fall season is the hoodie. Hoodies come in several different fabric types including all cotton, poly/cotton blends and 100% polyester. We offer 85 hoodie choices! All can easily be decorated with custom transfers to unite any group.

replica football jersey hoodie

Decorate a hoodie like a football jersey. The hood makes a perfect spot for helmet logos!


trendy Greek life hoodie

Unique placement like on this Greek life hoodie makes it more trendy.


school and team mascot hoodie

Be creative with your design and printing placements to create more sales.


There are some basic application tips needed to be used for all hoodie applications. Heat printing hoodies pose a slight challenge because there are several obstructions including the hood, the hood strings, and the front pocket.

hoodie threaded on heat press

Thread your hoodie on the heat press to avoid printing obstructions.


hoodie printing mistake

Can you see the mistake? Make sure to move the hoodie draw strings out from under your printing area during heat pressing!


If you can thread the hoodie onto your press, you can remove two of those obstructions from the platen area – the hood and the hood strings. You then are working with a single layer and only the pocket is obstructing the print area. To help with this, you can raise the print area only with a print perfect pad, or you can turn the pressure up to compensate for the valley created by the pocket. If you are unable to thread the heat press, hang the hood outside of the platen and use a print perfect pad to raise the print area.   Either way, don’t forget to pull those strings from under the print area.

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This email has given me incentive to print hoodies. I have to first design a logo.


Great Post, Thanks for sharing,


Customizing hoodies using transfers is a popular and accessible method to add personalization and unique designs to your clothing. Be sure to follow any additional care instructions provided by the transfer paper or manufacturer to maintain the quality and longevity of the design on your hoodie.

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This article on customizing hoodies using transfers is a game-changer! The step-by-step guide is incredibly detailed, making the process seem not only achievable but also fun. The tips on selecting the right transfer paper and ensuring a flawless application are particularly valuable.


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