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Everyone recognizes the swish on a Nike shirt, or the intersecting u’s of Under Armour.   Those symbols make their shirts instantly recognizable.    You can also brand your own shirts for pennies using Logo-Printz™- increasing your brand exposure and protecting your intellectual property.

What are Logo-Printz?

Logo-Printz are small logos created using any of our CAD-PRINTZ® digital transfers including Express Prints, Opaque and Sub Block.     They can be applied to every shirt you send out the door to brand your product, identify your league or add to a jersey to honor or celebrate a special event.   Logo-Printz are full color and can be printed in any size.

Where should I apply them?

Logo-Printz are perfectly sized to apply to a sleeve, upper back or on the bottom of the shirt.   Anywhere you want to show your brand.   For Logo-Printz that are celebrating and event, add right to the chest on shirts the customer already has had printed.

How much does it cost?

You can get 100 logos at a 1.5” size for just $30, or just   $ .30 each!   Logo-Printz come with a visible white contour outline so they will look great on any color shirt.   If you would want this removed, just add $20 to the prices shown below- (pricing accurate as of 10/4/17)

How do I order?

Logo-Printz can be ordered in our Easy View® designer using any of our art or send your own art. When ordering, choose any of our CAD-Printz options – Express Prints, Opaque or Sub-Block. Just create the logo once and specify the total quantity of transfers you need.

How Do I Apply Them?

Application instructions are provided with each order.    All are low temperature applications, so you can use them with a wide variety of apparel and other materials.

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  1. Joe says:

    That’s a great idea!

  2. Danny Paredes says:

    This a good idea – because we do a lot of hard work on our t shirts – and there is these always some low life character that steals your graphics and prints them -this would identify your company and to insure your customer that they are getting a quality product from a professional

  3. Dealer Services says:

    Great point, Danny! Glad you liked the idea.

  4. Dealer Services says:

    Thanks, Joe!

  5. Dealer Services says:

    Thanks, Donn!

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