5 Quick Tips for attending a trade show

Trade shows are a great way for you to grow and expand your current business.  They are also a great way to finally get that business you have been thinking about starting for years off the ground.  You get the opportunity to get hands on experience and meet potential vendors in person.  Here are 5 quick tips on what you should do when attending a trade show:

1: Pre-show planning:  You always want to make sure you pre-register for the show you are going to be attending.  It is usually either free or much cheaper than registering on site depending on the show.  You also want to take advantage of the sponsor of the shows website.  This will give you the opportunity to see who will be exhibiting at the show so you can make a list of what suppliers/vendors that you want to see.  The old adage is failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

2: Travel and Lodging: The events website will give you the best options on where you will get great hotel rates.  It is just like booking for an out of town wedding.  The earlier you are able to book, the better chance you will get a cheaper rate.  Most hotels that the event offers are in walking distance to where the event is taking place.  If you are a local, scout out places to park to save on costs.

3: At the show:  The shows are great places to make purchases.  Vendors are usually offering show specials on their respective products.  We at TXP will offer our Marketing Kit as a special along with great Hotronix Heat Press packages.  You get the best value by taking advantage of the specials and will also save money!  The nice part is most shows are 2-3 days, so you don’t need to make rash decisions.  See tip number 1 above about Pre-Show planning.  If you plan ahead, you will know what specials vendors are offering and be able to do your homework before the show to make the purchases at the show.

4: Networking:  Take advantage of networking events that the shows offer.  This is a great way to meet people in the same boat as you.  You may be from Ohio and learn a great new tip from someone who owns a shop in Texas.  Most shows offer education sessions where you get more one on one time with a vendor to learn about the industry.  These are great ways to expand your business.

Education sessions are a great way to network at the shows.

5: Post Show: Are you overwhelmed yet?  Don’t be.  Once your are finished at the show, go home or back to your store and evaluate all of the literature that you picked up.  You can now decompress and see what companies and vendors that you visited are going to provide a value to your business.  Expect follow up phone calls and emails from companies you visited.  Take advantage of those follow ups to ask any additional questions that may have popped into your mind as you were reviewing everything.



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