Decorating 9 Can Coolers in Seconds

Can coolers, also known as Koozies, are one of the most popular promotional products distributed. Primarily because they are inexpensive and used most often by consumers. According to PPAI, 91% of people keep promotional products in their kitchen. Consumers now even have dedicated Koozie drawers to make sure the right can protection is available at a moments notice. Enter into my kitchen where I have a Koozie drawer with a collection of free foam can coolers I’ve obtained over the years. From the standard foam can cooler to a knit holder, and even an inflatable can holder, I’ve got them all.

Can cooler drawer.

Can cooler drawer.

For some new decorators, the idea of adding a graphic to a can cooler is sometimes a foreign territory. “What about putting a can cooler on a heat press? Will it melt? The foam, or whatever that material is, might melt!” We hear these questions and concerns all the time when their customer asks for a custom graphic to be heat applied to a Koozie.

The best type of can cooler to put under a heat press is the standard neoprene koozie that can lay flat on the heat press. This fabric will not melt under the heat and even pressure is distributed over the entire print area. Choose Goof Proof® screen printed transfers for applying to neoprene, although other transfer types will work also.

“What about the design? What type of design works best?”

Can coolers are not big. The best type of designs are bold and easy to read. You only have about 3″-3.5″ of space for your graphic on each side so less detail in the design is best. For artwork with more detail, consider a digital transfer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Koozie

koozie 2

Can coolers are great giveaways at events.

Using your heat press to apply a heat transfer onto koozies is very easy and fast. A special platen is available for Hotronix® brand heat presses to make application even easier. With the Can Cooler Platen simply load the can coolers onto each section of the platen. The platen helps keep the koozie flat and in place.

Can Cooler Platen for Hotronix® Fusion.

Can Cooler Platen for Hotronix® Fusion.

For those who do not have the can cooler platen, it is still possible to decorate them. Any flat heat press works too! You can fit 9 coolers onto a 16×20 size platen. A little more attention is needed if not using the Can Cooler platen because heat tends to make the neoprene bow slightly. Other than that, heat transfers is the easiest method to decorate can coolers.

With your heat press warmed up and your transfers cut and ready to apply, align your can coolers on the press like in the picture below.

Lay 9 flat Can Coolers on a 16″x20″ Hotronix Heat Press platen

Next, we laid out a Goof Proof screen printed transfer on each can cooler, although any transfer from Transfer Express will apply to these sleeves. This took a little longer because not all of the can coolers laid exactly flat and straight. Even so, we used our eye to align each transfer as best as possible which worked well.

Goof Proof screen printed transfers laid on 9 can coolers

After 4 seconds (the application time for Goof Proof), peel the paper away and reveal your 9 screen printed can coolers that are ready to use!


Finished custom can coolers using screen printed heat transfers and a Hotronix Heat Press

Easy to decorate, inexpensive product, happy and thirsty consumers.

Cheers to Koozies!

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Linda Atkins


Dealer Services

It really depends on the size, but let’s approximate 4 x 4, we can fit 6 prints per sheet so you need 10 sheets @ $4.41 for 1 color Easy Prints, so it would be $44.10 plus shipping

Kerri L OMaley

Where can I purchase Koozies?

Dealer Services

Hi Kerri,
You can find them on Amazon!


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