How to Compete Against Online T-Shirt Providers

Small child on the shoulders of a man both wearing custom t-shirts

You know those online suppliers of custom printed apparel. You’ve seen their ads and you even know people who have used them. So why is this an advantage for your custom printing business?

For one, they are educating everyone on how to express themselves and show pride in the groups they belong. And this opens minds to the potential of custom printing.

This is where you come in.

We’ve compiled these tips so you can successfully compete with online t-shirt providers.

Why You Are Better

1. Your Service is Superior

YOU are the best reason to buy from you.

Customers love personal service and this is something only you can provide. Who doesn’t appreciate buying from a local person who is knowledgeable about the products and who will help them get their order placed? With that said, never underestimate the power of personal service.

And if you need any help – use the expertise of your printing partner – Transfer Express. Our representatives are available via email or phone to answer your questions and help you help your customer.

2. You Have Access to Free Artwork

Your customer could play around with difficult design software or they can come to you to customize the largest collection of professionally created layouts and artwork in the industry. As one of our dealers, you have access to over 5,000 layouts and 7,000 cliparts.  

With Easy View online designer provided free to you as a Transfer Express dealer, you can show them great looking custom apparel ideas in just seconds.

All you have to do is change the text and colors to customize for your customer. They don’t even have to pretend to be an artist, since you’ve done the work for them!

Do they want the experience of designing it themselves? Just put Easy View into Customer Mode – and the Transfer Express branding and pricing goes away.

Screenshot of a design created in Easy View online designer

3. You Can Provide Faster Turnaround

Many online companies advertise free 2-week delivery – you can do better than that. As a partner of Transfer Express, your 1-color Easy Prints® order ships the next day and arrives to you in a day or two depending on your location and shipping method (if placed by 3 pm).

With a 4 second application you can apply 100 Goof Proof transfers to 100 shirts in less than an hour. It is entirely possible to have those shirts in your customer’s hands in the same day that you receive the transfers. And there are no rush fees or premium shipping fees.

4. You Can Beat Them on Price

The best thing online providers have done for the industry is to show the value of custom printed shirts. They offer a good product at a fair price, but you can charge less and still make a great profit.

For an average order of 25 t-shirts with a 1-color print, the going online rate is over $9 each. But if you buy a wholesale t-shirt for around $2.00 and a 1-color transfer for $2.80, you can make a profit and still charge less than they do.

As a Transfer Express partner, you have all the tools you need to compete against much larger online companies to offer a great product at a fair price with higher profits.

For more ideas on how to establish your local presence with customers, read our post on How to Increase Word of Mouth Advertising.

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