Can You Cut Apart My Screen Printed Transfer Sheet?

Did you know we offer a cutting service?   This service is available on all our screen-printed transfers and is different than weeding for all you HTV users.   All Transfer Express products come ready to apply with your heat press with no weeding needed.   However, our screen-printed transfers are printed on 11.25 x 14 sheets of release paper and you can often fit multiple images on the sheet to save printing costs.    These transfers are shipped on the sheets and to use, you simply cut the release paper into usable segments.

But if you are pressed for time, or just want a more perfect cut we do offer a cutting service.

How Much Is It?

The cutting service is $0.15 per image.    If you have ordered shirt tags on a gang sheet and each sheet has 30 tags on it, the cutting cost would be $4.50 per sheet

How Do I Space the Transfers?

To use the cutting service, you do need to leave at least .5” between images and allow straight cuts.     This is only necessary if ordering our cutting service.  If you will be cutting you can put them as close together as desired and perfect rows or columns are not a requirement

How Do I Order the Cutting Service?

You can choose the option in Easy View. It is an option on the left summary under additional options.  Just create a single image and allow the auto gang to work so the system can read the number of cuts.   If you have set up the gang sheet, please add notes for the cutting service in the order notes area.   If sending your art to us at just put in order notes you want the images cut apart.

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