New Symbols Clip Art for Custom T-shirt Design

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Each week we release new clip art into Easy View® online designer, so there are always new design elements for our customers to incorporate into their custom t-shirt creations. We use our customers specific requests and feedback as the basis for what we release, grouping them into themes. Since various symbols are a popular request, this week’s release is a grouping of different kinds of useful symbols to use in our online design layouts.

Female and Male Symbols

Male and Female Symbol Clip Art

Dream Catcher, Nautical Knot, World Travel

Symbols Clip Art

Meditation Hand (Mudra), Foam Finger

Hand Symbols Clip Art

Use any of these in our thousands of t-shirt design templates in Easy View® or create your own custom t-shirt design using clip art and fonts.

Symbols in Custom T-shirt Layouts

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