Celebrate Graduation with Custom T-shirts

Do you sell to schools? If so, graduation is a great time to gain extra sales! Graduates are looking for that long lasting memory to take with them on their new life journey. Sell at the school before graduation, the day of the graduation ceremony at the event location, and even sell to graduation parties.

Ask if you can set up a booth at the graduation ceremony location for family members to purchase custom t-shirts for their grads. It could be beneficial to set up next to the flower salespeople so that parents can purchase both flowers and t-shirts for their graduates at the same time.

Contact event locations where graduation parties take place and ask the location manager to provide your business’ information to those using the venue; provide the information with a personal flyer that includes information about what you can provide them. To work at the location regularly, you can ask to partner with the venue, providing them with a certain percentage of the sales for letting you use their location and providing your information to those using the venue. You can even set it up as a fundraiser and give the hosting family a portion of the proceeds to give to the graduate. This will inspire more attendees to purchase the t-shirts because they will know that a portion of the proceeds go to the graduate to put toward the costs of college or life as an adult.

If you have extra ‘Class Of‘ t-shirts, you can customize them to be graduation t-shirts by adding the word ‘GRADUATE’ in glitter flake or peel & press letters. This helps you to sell extra shirts that are already made by simply adding a little extra customization. Keep in mind that you can add the student’s name to the t-shirt as well using these letters, simply set a charge per letter for those students who want that extra personalization.

Don’t forget that you can create graduation t-shirts for underclassmen too. Graduation can be from preschool, kindergarten, or even middle school. Consider graduation to be even bigger than just high school and college seniors!

Here are a few ideas of graduation t-shirts that you can create using the Easy View® designer!


Layout QMT-8

Layout QMT-8 customized for graduation

Layout QPR-15

Layout QPR-15 with graduation cap

Layout QSL-124

Layout QSL-124 personalized with the graduation year

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Mele Luau

Congrats to all of the grads! Custom t-shirts are a great way to commemorate this special moment in their lives. I love that your t-shirts are so customizable, allowing for anyone to design and order a shirt that celebrates anything from their favorite colors and styles, to special interests. I appreciate the low minimums and quick turnaround time, helping everyone get their custom shirt just in time for the big day. Thanks for making such a cool way to celebrate grads!


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