Niche Sales – Math and Science T-Shirts

Some of my favorite success stories are from customers that instead of selling everything to everyone, have decided to specialize and go after a niche. One interesting niche is math and science organizations. Even from customers who sell to schools, these groups tend to be overlooked but with a little creativity can be a fun market.

You might be thinking who can I sell math and science shirts to? Some ideas are science fairs, math and science clubs, workshops, competitive events like Olympiads, Pi Day or approach a teacher to pass out an order form to their class.

Here are some ideas created in our new Easy View®, our free design tool available to all of our customers.

Custom math T-shirt

Easy Prints layout QAL-42


Custom math T-shirt using Easy Prints

Easy Prints layout QAL-415


Custom Math Club T-shirt using Easy Prints

Easy Prints layout QAL-153


Custom science club T-shirt using Easy Prints

Easy Prints layout QAL-339


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