Selling Camp T-Shirts

We have quite a few customers that specialize in the camp niche. The possibilities are endless with so many different kinds of camps, all needing custom printed apparel. Many of the camps are in the summer so this is a great seasonal niche.

Camp T-shirts using Easy Prints layouts

Use Easy View to create custom camp designs.

Almost every city recreation department hosts summer youth camps. Printed T-shirts are typically required to help identify the campers. There are general day camps as well as specialty camps such as baton, science, sports and cooking.

Schools also host a wide array of summer camps. Usually the head coach of the varsity team will sponsor this type of camp. This helps the coach get interest in his sport and is also a source of revenue. They want to hand out shirts to promote future camps. Most schools also have summer band camps.

Finally, there are the established camps that have campers coming to their location every week. These camps need much more than T-shirts. Their on-site stores typically carry shorts, cinch sacks, hoodies, sweat pants, lounge pants, tote bags and T-shirts. Many camps will need you to put together a catalog to send to parents before the camper even arrives. With Easy View®, this is very easy to put together showing the custom apparel. Below is also a camp flyer you can try to get this very profitable camp business.

Easy Prints custom camp T-shirt flyer

Use our blank camp flyer template and add your own custom designs from Easy View.


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