Changing Clip Art Can Change the Look of Your Design

Create Holiday Tshirt Designs by Changing Clip Art

Choose a layout that you like and change the clip art to customize it for the holidays!

Think outside the box with your custom Easy Prints® transfer designs. If you really like a sports layout but need a custom transfer design for the holidays, change the clip art to make the same layout look like a completely different design! The above image shows how layouts for cheerleading, volleyball, school spirit, and basketball can be transformed into custom t-shirt designs for Valentine Dances, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year celebrations!

These above examples are specifically for the holidays, but can be modified for almost any sport or event! It’s as simple as picking a layout that you like and changing the words, colors, and clip art to match your specific event. For example, if you would like to create a holiday shirt but do not like any of the holiday layouts, find an Easy Prints layout that you do like and change the clip art to one of the several holiday clip art options provided in the Easy View® designer.

This example works in all types of situations; if you have an event coming up, but can’t find an Easy Prints layout for the event that you like; find a layout that you do like and simply change the clip art!

Transfer Express Holiday Clip Art

Here are just a few of our holiday clip art options. There are clip art options for many types of event, sports, and occasions!

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