Packaging Can Help you Sell More Custom Apparel

Creating a unique packaging idea can help your T-shirt business get more sales by making the everyday custom printed T-shirt into an enticing gift idea!

Roll a custom T-shirt and band with a matching hat to get an add-on sale. This is perfect for schools and teams you might be selling to in your area.

T-shirt and ball cap packaging

Roll a shirt up and band it to a ball cap as a combo sale.

Try selling in a low cost unique item like a cardboard cup or styrofoam to-go container with a sticker that plays on the contents.

creative T-shirt packaging

Use a creative way to package your T-shirts.

Another idea is to create a unique hang tag. This also is advertising to the recipient who might need something of their own at a later date.

creative T-shirt hang tag idea

Try a creative hang tag idea to leave your company information with each customer.

With just a few cents and some creativity you can make your custom printed shirt sales skyrocket!

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