Cinch Sacks – Cure for the Common Cold Spell of Sales

Cinch sacks are a very popular type of bag. They are used by people of all ages and for a variety of purposes, including sports, school, promotional products, events, and the everyday carrying of items. Lucky for us in the apparel printing industry, it is easy to print cinch sacks and it is very cost effective!

Uses for Cinch Sacks

Sports – Athletes of all ages use cinch sacks for carrying items such as their water bottles, shoes, extra clothes, phone and other personal items. It has become a small and lightweight version of a gym bag. Athletes, such as track and field, only have a small amount of items they need to take to their practices or meets. It is a way for them to travel light and keep their things together in one place.

custom track cinch bags

Don’t forget about custom cinch sacks!

Schools/Students – Students don’t want to carry their whole locker around with them. Most students make several trips to their locker in a day. Cinch sacks are perfect for carrying those 1 or 2 books around, along with their writing utensils and notebooks. Cinch sacks are popular on college campuses as well for this very reason. Cinch sacks make a great senior class item, too, or a perfect bag for Spring Breakers to take to the beach.

school mascot cinch sack

A simple mascot design works great for schools.

Promotional Products – People mainly keep promotional products because they are useful (75%) or attractive (20%)*. Put these two factors together, and you increase your chances for your product being used and seen by more and more people each time it is used! Of the promotional products that are distributed, a whopping 46% prefer a bag or briefcase as a promotional product. As an apparel business, use cinch sacks to promote your own business, or reach out to local businesses to see if they would like to use some promotional items that you can make for them. (See our infographic on promotional products – the statistics will amaze you!)

Everyday Use – Especially among younger crowds, the cinch sack has become the unisexual purse, if you will. Take one look at a park, beach, amusement park, or any other location for day trips. You will see cinch sacks everywhere. Again, it is an easy way to carry a few essential items you would like to have with you without carrying a bulky bag. Put it on your back and your hands are free.

Events – Cinch sacks are great to give away at events such as runs, walks, and other fundraisers. It can be part of the registration fee, or something they earn at the finish line. Reach out to event planners to see if they are interested.

There are plenty of people and groups to sell cinch sacks to. Not only is there a market, but it is cost effective and easy to print them. We have several options for cinch sacks in the Transfer Express Apparel line, ranging in style, materials, colors, and price.

One key factor for heat printing cinch sacks is to know the material your printing area is made of. At the lower end of the cost spectrum, we have a polypropylene cinch sack (B157) that can be decorated using our Elasti Prints® screen printed transfers. Polypropylene has a lower melting temperature, so this type of transfer is perfect since it applies at a lower temperature.

cinch sack for election

Cinch sacks would make a great campaign give-away for elections.

A nice looking cinch sack with patterns and vibrant prints for instant appeal is BG612. This budget-friendly bag is made from polyester, so any of our transfers will work when printing on these. The back and bottom front are both fully patterned, while a large area on the front is unprinted for plenty of decoration space.

cinch sack used as a promotional product

BG612 cinch sack used with a beach themed layout.

The Sweatshirt Cinch Pack (BG614) is an especially creative style of a bag. It is soft and made from a sweatshirt material, complete with the front pouch of a hoody! These are cotton/poly fleece, so any of our transfers will apply to these bags as well.

cinch sack to take to the gym

A nice item for a gym to have on hand.


As with all your heat printing, keep an eye out for seams and other obstructions during application. Raise your print area with a Print Perfect Pad or a mouse pad. Move extra straps out of the way, too. If you are pressing a lot of bags, you may want to consider purchasing a smaller platen that the bags will fit over. It will decrease your production time from trying to fit a pad in and out of the bag each time.

As for the art, we have tons (literally!) that you can use to design cinch sacks using Easy View, our online designer. With over 5,000 layouts for you to customize and over 7,000 clip art, you’ll be able to create attractive designs that will not only make people want to keep their bags, but use them, too!

You’ll be happy to know that you are able to print your cinch sacks for no extra charge if you plan correctly. Did you know that when placing your custom transfer orders, you are able to fill your sheet completely with as many images that you can fit all for the same price? Therefore, when you have extra space, place a few extra images on the sheet with your local team’s mascot, school name, etc. You never know what you will be able to use these for later and it won’t cost you anything extra!

Get started printing cinch sacks…. It’s a cinch!


*Promotional products statistics taken from studies from PPAI (Promotional Products Association International)