Clear vs White Window Clings

In addition to custom screen printed and digital transfers, Transfer Express also offers custom non-apparel products, including all-purpose stickers, bumper stickers, window decals, static window clings, wall graphics, and vinyl banners.

Our non-apparel products, including window clings, are all full color printing. Your artwork can include as many colors, shading, and gradients as you would like, for no extra cost.

Custom static window clings are perfect for store fronts, car windows, and any other glass surface.

There are so many uses for custom window clings. Businesses can use window clings in their store windows to advertise and promote sales, display store hours, etc.

Window clings are great for schools and teams to show off their team spirit.

Whatever the cause is for display, there are two options for custom static window clings. There are white clings and clear clings.


White Window Clings

White static window clings are printed onto a white carrier. This helps make the art more opaque on the window.

By default, the white window clings come with a white outline around the artwork.

white window cling Eagles Football

Depending on your artwork, you can also choose to have a different colored outline or to have no outline.

If you choose a different color other than the default white, your entire artwork will need to have that color around it.

In this example of the Raiders cling, it has no outline.

white window cling with no outline

It is a “no outline” option because there are different outline colors around different parts of the artwork. The Raiders portion has purple as the outside edge of the artwork. The sword portion has a grey outline.

Because this person did not want a white outline around the artwork and the different colors on the edges, this was a “no outline”.

If you choose a different color for an outline or to have no outline, then there is a $20 charge added to the order.


Clear Window Clings

The other option is a clear window cling. These are printed on a clear carrier instead of the white.

Because of the clear carrier, the artwork tends to have a more transparent look to it.

clear window cling Eagles football

You’ll also notice that the color white is not printed. If you have white in your artwork, it will actually be clear.

white vs clear window clings

It may be hard to see from this picture, but the white laces in the football and the white portion of the Eagle mascot are not actually white. They are clear. The green background is showing through on the clear version.

When using the clear static clings, there is also no longer the default white outline around the edges. Instead, the default outline is clear. Because of this, most of the time there will be no need to choose a different colored outline or no outline.

clear window cling Raiders

When choosing between the white and clear window clings, it really just comes down to preference and the look that you (or your customer) likes.

You may also want to consider the use. The white window clings may be easier to see in car windows as they appear more opaque.

car window clings

When using a window that a lot of light is shining through, the clear clings tend to appear more vibrant in color because of the light that is passing through.

white vs clear window clings

Ordering Window Clings

If you would like to order window clings, it is easy to do.

When you are uploading your own art via our upload page, in Step 3, choose non-apparel as the print method.


Next, choose “Static Cling – White” or “Static Cling – Clear” as the Material.

static cling material


Then, choose the outline that you would like for your particular order.

static cling outline

If you are designing and ordering your window clings from Easy View, our online designer, the same options apply as above.

On the right side of the screen, simply pick non-apparel as the print method, static cling (white or clear) as the material, and then the outline you prefer.

Easy View static clings


Window clings make a great add-on sale. When your customers order their custom shirts from you, suggest a cross-sell for the window clings, too. You can use the same art as the t-shirts.

Do you use window clings to advertise your own custom apparel business?

Design and order your own window clings!


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