Get Outside and Play – New Kickball and Archery Clip Art

School’s almost out and that means no more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks and plenty of time for outdoor summer fun and sports. This week we’re thinking about the types of sports you play at camp, like kickball and archery.

Camp layout t-shirt design

These fast growing sports are also being played in recreation leagues and at the high school level, which means teams will need shirts and jerseys and there’s an opportunity for you as an apparel decorator. Like we do each week, we’ve designed new clip art for you to use.

When kickball was invented in 1917, it was called “kick baseball.” Later physical education teachers used it to teach elementary students the basics of baseball. Since then, it’s grown into a popular adult sport with leagues popping up all over.

Here, we took several different clip arts, including a stylized ball and player to create a new kickball logo.

kickball clip art

Archery is an ancient sport but became popular again in the early 20th century. At this time, commercial bows were developed and by the 1980s, traditional archery was combined with a new technical understanding. Included as a sport in the summer Olympics of 1900, archery’s popularity is growing as a hobby and sport.

These new clip art images featuring a target, a bow and arrows plus a couple different variations of an archer give you uniform design options for competitive archery.

archery clip art

By using layouts QBK-227 and QMS-131 and adding our new kickball and archery clip art, you can create a t-shirt or jersey design in a short amount of time using Easy View, our online designer.

kickball and archery clip art layouts

And as always, leave us a comment below to suggest your clip art ideas.

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