Comparing Hotronix® to Cheap Import Heat Presses

When you are shopping for a new heat press there is a tremendous range in pricing.  On Amazon you can find many offerings for just a couple hundred dollars. Should you buy one of those? Or is the investment in a Hotronix® heat press worth the money?


We reveal the differences between a quality Hotronix® heat press and a cheap heat press in this new video featuring Josh Ellsworth. Peak inside an imported heat press to see why they can sell the heat press at a low price. Pay close attention to where the temperature display and read-out comes from in the imported press. Determine for yourself whether the construction of the import will work for your business.

Watch as we also measure the platen that encases the heat element and you will know why a Hotronix heat press is one you can rely on.

Do you think a flat, even pressure is important? Watch the eye-opening difference as we close the imported heat press and close the Hotronix.

And best of all don’t miss the blockbuster ending!

Watch It Now


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