Comparing Transfer Positioning Tools

When customers first start their t-shirt business, the biggest fear they have is transfer positioning and centering. Veterans tend to trust their eyes and use the back-grid lines, but until you reach that level of confidence here are a few transfer positioning tools that are on the market.

Placement Ruler

This tool is the least expensive tool that I found and is sold at, Amazon and others. It sells for about $17. This tool is just for left chest placement. You use the shoulder seam and the vertical center to find the center. The tool helps with placement, but you still need your eye to center and align. I did like that this tool does have size markings which does make a difference to where a custom transfer should be applied on a shirt. You must remove the tool between every application and start again, adding to your labor time and cost.

The Tee Square It

This tool costs about $40 and is available on Amazon and other sites. It has a vertical center bar with a slide for your horizontal alignment. With this tool, you position the vertical bar with your neck line, then add the horizontal bar to see where you want to put the transfers. The top of the vertical bar has feet that raises the bar so you can slide the transfer in place. You do have to remember the numbers on the bar you are using. The Tee Square It must be removed completely when pressing. So, the entire alignment process starts again with each shirt. It does keep the transfer in the same place and centered but adds a lot to your labor time.

The Laser Alignment System

We sell a laser alignment tool for $315. This tool comes with its own stand and uses 4 lasers to show you exactly where to put the custom transfer on the shirt each time. The biggest advantage this tool has over the others is that it does not need to be removed to heat press. You can leave it set up, and it shows alignment accurately as each shirt is loaded onto your heat press. To help set the first shirt, a layout alignment wizard is included.

The Eyes Have It

Here is a guide to placement using visual imaginary lines. This costs nothing and is easy to use. With just a little experience most will feel comfortable using this method.

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