How to Order A Signature T-Shirt

Nothing is more personal than a signature! Signature t-shirts are a great seller and are easy to do using the Transfer Express Easy View online designer.

These shirts are great items for graduates of all ages, along with other groups like teams, clubs, etc. The designs feature the actual signature of each member.

Each person signs the template which is then used to create the design for the printed shirt.

We have custom transfers to make this really easy to do. Just choose a layout from our signature designs and customize it for what you would like.

Then, you’ll place the order as a proof and print out the template for your customers to sign. Once the signatures are complete, just scan and upload it back into Easy View designer, and we will print a screen printed transfer for application on your apparel.  These are perfect for school classes, teams, clubs, theater groups, etc.



Let’s dive in to the step-by-step process to get your signature transfers.


senior signature shirt



How to Order your Signature T-Shirt Custom Transfer

1. Visit and open the free online design center, Easy View. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. It’s fast and easy – no credit card needed to sign up.

2. Click Add Layout and under the categories, select School and then Signatures.

3. From there, choose from over 100 layouts to customize.


Signature t-shirt designs


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4. Change the text, clip art, colors, and size for your school or group shirts.

5. Then, set the background (apparel color) to white by clicking the swatch in the lower left corner.


set background color as white


6. Next, even though you’ll be ordering a proof, you’ll need to set the quantity to at least the minimum of 6 (this quantity doesn’t really matter, you just need to have the minimum to go to the final review step).

7. In the notes field, add a note that this is for a signature template.


steps to place a signature template order


8. When you get to the Review screen, click the toggle button at the bottom to order a digital proof. The proof will be $26.


click to order a proof


9. Continue to checkout through the cart to place your proof order.


your proof will be in the cart to order


10. When the proof is ready, you’ll receive an email letting you know it’s complete. You’ll get an electronic copy without a watermark. Print it out for your customers to sign. You can print it out on an 8.5″ x 11″ size paper. (Even if your design is larger than 8.5″ x 11″, we’ll be able to fix that for you during the redraw our designers will do in a later step.)



11. Have your customer use a medium point black marker to sign within the lines. If they sign on the lines that part of their signature will not appear. (If using an iPad to sign instead of printing out the proof, the recommended line thickness needs to be 1.5 points.)

12. If your customers signed a printed version, scan the finished template at least 300 dpi and save as a jpeg or pdf. No photos please – these can not be recreated as a transfer. Upload the scanned image back into Easy View to place your transfer order as usual. (Or if you used a digital version on a tablet, you can upload that file.)

13. Add the proof order number in the notes for reference.

14. We will print the transfers for you and ship them to you fast.

Once you receive your transfers, you can then apply the transfers with your heat press to your blank apparel. Then deliver to your customer!


We also have created a downloadable hand-out to print and show your prospective customers that you can do signature t-shirts.



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Dealer Services

Hi Buddy,
Yes, we can send you a sample signature transfer. Please add the request here in the “other” field and we’ll get that sent out for you.

Wendy Jacocks

I’m a PreK teacher thinking about wanting a tshirt for each child (12 children) and 2 adults. I’d like a gator, (mascot), the name of the school – Greenbrier Elementary, PreK class of 2022, and each child’s signature on each. Size 8-10 shirts and 2 XXL. What would be the approprimate charge?

Thank you!

Dealer Services

Hi Wendy,
Are you asking how much you should charge the students for the shirts? Or are you asking what the charge is to get the shirts? We don’t provide any finished shirts. We provide the blank shirts and transfers where you can apply them with a heat press. Do you have a heat press to apply the transfers to the shirts?


What is the correct way to send in signatures in 2022 since the old way is no longer being used and there is no literature or videos to help a client out.

Dealer Services

In Easy View, you can download the design from the mock-up tool. Then you can print the design and have your customer sign the print. You can either mail the print back to us or scan it. Hope that helps!


Thank you for sharing the info with us! Great and helpful article.


I saw the respone about not the most updated way to do signatures is to just have your design printed out via the mockup option in the easy view program. So, how do you download the mockup for that purpose without an apparel item or anything else with the download? And, if one of your base designs is ultimately being used, how do you know how many signatures is expected to fit the design? I don’t see it noted anywhere. If it helps, design wise I was looking at design number CS-55, CS-5, CS-96, and CS-90. Looking to be able to fit just under 100 signatures.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Dealer Services

Downloading and printing out the mock-up is not the best way to get a template for the signatures. We recommend following the steps in the blog post above. Otherwise, for the number of signatures, there isn’t really a set way to know how many will fit. It all depends on how large or small everyone writes their name.


Every time I upload my design, on step 2( option) I can’t go any further. Please add at least one color configure. color map for each of your uploaded artwork. So, I added the color. It say number of volors must be greater than zero. And it is. But no change I can’t get pass this page. I’m stuck on step 2.

Dealer Services

We are happy to help. Your art is not vector and you are ordering spot color transfers, so we need to know what stock color (or color match) you want in place of what we can see on screen. To do this select one of the colors in your design, now choose from our color selection or add a color match. Repeat for each color in the design. This is only needed for screen printed transfers, if ordering digital transfers we will print as shown on screen.


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