How to Order A Signature T-Shirt

Nothing is more personal than a signature! Signature T-shirts are a great seller and are easy to do using the Transfer Express Easy View designer. These shirts are great items for graduates of all ages.

We have custom transfers to make this really easy to do.  Just choose a layout from our signature designs, and let us know what it should say.  We will send you a template for your customer’s to sign.  Once the signatures are complete, just send it back and we will print a screen printed transfer for application on your apparel.  These are perfect for school classes or teams.



How to Order your Signature T-Shirt Custom Transfer

1. Visit and open the free online design center, Easy View.

2. Click Add Layout and under categories select School-Signatures

3. Choose from over 100 layouts



4. Change the text for your school or group

5. Order A template for your group to sign. We will ship the template to you. In transfer type choose template and quantity is 1.



6. Have your customer use a medium felt tip pen to sign within the lines. If they sign on the lines that part of their signature will not appear.

7. Return the template to us by shipping or mailing it to 7650 Tyler Blvd Mentor OH 44060. Let us know the ink color or colors and how many you need.

9. We will print the transfer for you

10. Press and deliver.

We also have created a downloadable hand-out to print and give prospective customers.

You can also watch our video showing the above steps!


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Dealer Services

Hi Buddy,
Yes, we can send you a sample signature transfer. Please add the request here in the “other” field and we’ll get that sent out for you.

Wendy Jacocks

I’m a PreK teacher thinking about wanting a tshirt for each child (12 children) and 2 adults. I’d like a gator, (mascot), the name of the school – Greenbrier Elementary, PreK class of 2022, and each child’s signature on each. Size 8-10 shirts and 2 XXL. What would be the approprimate charge?

Thank you!

Dealer Services

Hi Wendy,
Are you asking how much you should charge the students for the shirts? Or are you asking what the charge is to get the shirts? We don’t provide any finished shirts. We provide the blank shirts and transfers where you can apply them with a heat press. Do you have a heat press to apply the transfers to the shirts?


What is the correct way to send in signatures in 2022 since the old way is no longer being used and there is no literature or videos to help a client out.

Dealer Services

In Easy View, you can download the design from the mock-up tool. Then you can print the design and have your customer sign the print. You can either mail the print back to us or scan it. Hope that helps!


Thank you for sharing the info with us! Great and helpful article.


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