Congratulations #UltraColorCreative $250 Prize Winners

We are thrilled to announce our first two winners in our Be an UltraColor Creative Contest-Bare Necessity Threads and Boyce Built.  Both won using UltraColor Max!

Bare Necessity Threads

Our first winner, Bare Necessity Threads, is a husband and wife team from Detroit.    They got started heat printing shirts after buying shirts on each vacation trip they took.   They thought why can’t I do that?    In 2020, they first started doing shirts for co-workers and friends.  A year later they started an Etsy store and in 2022 opened a Shopify store,    They specialize in Detroit/Michigan designs.

Bare Necessity uses a variety of Stahls’ and Transfer Express products.  They make company shirts using Goof Proof, screen printed transfers and have a large client that supports a lot of that business.  Another restaurant customer has a colorful logo and UltraColor Max was the solution for them.

Bare Necessity is a home-based part-time business.    When not heat pressing, Derrick and Christina work in the medical field.  Christina is also going to school to be a nurse.    And in their down time find time to play with their miniature Dachshund, Mowgli. ((‘m seeing a theme here) We hope this prize helps them forget about all of their worries and strife!

Boyce Built LLC

Our second winner is Boyce Built LLC from South Dakota.  Angela is a military spouse and needed something to do when moving around from duty station to duty station with her active duty husband and two kiddos.    Her first job was for a gym and her new home business was born!

Angela loves helping other small businesses and military organizations with their apparel needs. Boyce Built also takes advantage of both Stahls’ and Transfer Express products from Goof Proof, to Cad-Printz, to UltraWeed HTV and now her favorite of them all, UltraColor Max.   She says, “It is so convenient for lower quantity orders and love the hot peel. It’s amazing.”

Angela recently became the proud owner of a 360 IQ hat press and is learning how to supply other options for her customers.

Angela has now been in business for five years and uses word of mouth, Facebook, Instagram, and referrals to promote her business.    As a military family, Boyce Built LLC has also been able to take advantage of our military discount program.

Enter and Win

Congratulations to both of our deserving winners.  Will you be next? Here is how to enter.


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