Creating Sample Apparel

One way to sell more custom apparel is to have samples. Samples show your customers, or prospective customers, what you can produce, and how it really looks and feels when it is finished. It is a great way to literally put the product in their hands.

The good thing about sample apparel is that you can create a whole showroom using samples, or it is just as easy to take them on the road with you.

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To make it easy for you to create samples, we offer a Refresher Pack of Display Transfers as part of our marketing tools. In this pack of display transfers, you receive 30 different full size samples including our various ink formulas of Goof Proof®, Hot Split, Elasti Prints®, Glitter, and Stretch Litho™, along with samples of our Express Names™, and stock numbers.

Refresher pack of display transfers

Each Refresher Pack comes with 30 full size sample transfers.

The intent for this pack is that you can create your own display using the same transfer designs that are part of the photographs in the full color Idea Book™ catalog. Each year, you can “refresh” your display to match the new year’s catalog. That way, your customers are always seeing something new and fresh. It is also a great way to give some inspiration to customers, showing them how they can customize any of the 5,000+ Easy Prints® layout designs.

custom transfer artwork catalog

The Refresher Pack of display transfers come with the same designs as the photographs in the Idea Book.

After you receive your display transfer pack, just heat apply these transfers, using your heat press, to various apparel. Follow the instructions for each transfer type. Each transfer is labeled in the transfer guide, so you know exactly what kind of ink formula each design is.

display transfer guide

The transfer guide comes with the display transfer pack, letting you know what each kind of ink formula the transfers are.

Be as creative as you want! You can match apparel exactly how it is seen in the Idea Book, or you can use the gang sheets to create your own versions.

The pack comes with a variety of designs, ranging from school designs, to sports, to businesses, to basic designs perfect for anybody, anywhere. With this variety of design choices, you can show customers a similar type of apparel sample that would be closest to what they are looking for.

Each Refresher pack is $15, or it also comes as part of the Marketing Kit for $49.

Tip: You can also further your sample collection by using leftover transfers from other orders you do!

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