Watch Your Weight! Know Your Apparel Before You Buy

When choosing the right blank apparel for your customer there are hundreds of options to choose from. To narrow down your search you should start by asking your customer the qualities their looking for in the garment they need. As you begin to start asking questions like what style, short sleeve or long sleeve, and what color, you should also be asking their preference on the thickness of garment. Are they looking for a thick, warm shirt or a thin, lightweight shirt?

Once you determine their preference on how thick of a shirt they’d prefer, how do you choose the right garment that they need? The answer lies in the description of the product you’re looking at from your supplier, like Transfer Express Apparel. At Transfer Express Apparel, you’ll notice that there is a description under the item you’re looking at. The description will include the type of fabric it’s made out of like 100% cotton or polyester as well as other details like the type of sleeve and stitching.

Next to the type of fabric content the item is made out of, you will see a number in ounces. This number indicates the weight of the fabric. The fabric is weighed by the square yard by the manufacturer and is given a weight in ounces. This weight can be used to help determine how thick or thin the fabric is.

Thickness of a Gildan Heavy Cotton 100% Cotton Shirt Style 5000 in ounces

Extra thin fabrics like Burnout T-Shirts can have a weight of approx. 3-4 oz, regular cotton t-shirts can have a weight of around 5 oz and thicker t-shirts have a weight of around 6 oz. You will also find fabric weights for fleece ranging from 7-10oz indicating a thicker, warmer fabric.

So the next time you’re choosing your blank apparel to decorate with your heat press, take a look at the fabric weight indicated in the description to help choose the best t-shirt for your customer.