5 Tips for Designing Script and Tail Baseball Uniforms

Script and tail designs have been used for decades in baseball uniforms from youth baseball to the major leagues. See the tips below to make your script tail design looks its best on your decorated apparel.

1. Script fonts are ALWAYS best in upper/lower case.
Don’t use only uppercase letters unless you have really need to like in a company name – ABC Industries. All uppercase letters are hard to read.

2. For uniforms, use heavier athletic looking scripts like, Brush Script, Brody or Athletic Script for a nice bold athletic look.
See our font choices here.

3. Stretch/Squish your text to look its best
Our layouts are designed with the word Compton and the lower case p defines the shape of the text place holder. So, if your word does not have lower case descenders like p, j, q, g, and y, you may need to squish your word to be shorter to line it up with the tail. Drag with your mouse on the middle-bottom triangle to adjust the word height to line it up with the tail.

Script Tail Uniform

Script Tail Baseball Design QAL-42

4. Line the script up with the tail.
A lot of the times when you change the words or fonts in an Easy Print layout, the script no longer lines up with the tail. You can use the “arrow” keys on your keyboard to nudge it so it gets really close. Our Designers will weld it together for you when you place the order.

5.  Save Money &  Create Gang Sheets
Most standard adult size script and tails custom transfers usually fit 2 up on our 11.25″ x 14″ sheet. You may have to rotate them but you will get more bang for your buck from your transfer sheet, if you put 2 up or more on the gang sheet as shown below. Just make sure you leave yourself some room to cut the transfers apart.

Script Tail Gang Sheet Transfers

Script and Tail gang sheet

Note: Script and tails in Easy View are saved by default as straight across. It is a common practice to rotate the script and tail so you can do this in the designer or when you apply it. A common rotation angle is 8-15 degrees.

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Marcus Coons

It helped when you mentioned how you should consider if you can use lower case letters on your uniforms. I can see that doing some research can help you find the best way to design your team uniforms. Personally, I would want to find a company that can provide good quality designs and materials for my little league team.

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Thank you, Marcus! Glad our post helped you

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awesome tips for designing script and tails t-shirt.


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