Creating Text Lists on T-Shirts

Custom designs are great for adding personalization to apparel for teams, schools and organizations. These custom designs usually include the group name, a city and even a date to add a personalized touch. Did you know that heat transfers can be made even more personalized than just adding the group name? Teams, school classes, sponsors and other groups can also get their names printed on shirts in lists, like shown below!

Example of a Typesetting design with a Class List in Easy PrintsĀ® Layout QTY-41

We call this at Transfer Express a Typeset design. A typeset design basically means the arrangement of text from a data list to be used for printing. Text lists can easily be added to a design without the need to type each individual name, adjust the sizing, spacing which leads to a greater chance of error in spelling, placement or missing a name.

Within the Easy PrintsĀ® collection of design layouts to choose from, you have many choices of typesetting layouts for anything from class lists, team rosters, sponsors, theater plays, family reunions and other groups.

Examples of Typesetting Designs that can be customized in Easy View online designer with a TXT file.

There are several ways to provide Transfer Express with the list of names or teams you want printed in your design. These Typesetting lists are able to be customized in the Easy View Online Designer. Within the designer, you can type the names individually yourself, or upload a Text list to automatically insert into the design. You may have already received the list of names from your customer which is great!

To avoid a Typesetting Fee which is added to data lists not in the correct format, be sure to follow instructions below. The format in which we need the text list in is called a TXT file. The easiest way to create this type of file is in the Notepad application on a Windows PC or in the Text Editor on a Mac. Visit this blog to learn how to save your file as a TXT file format for uploading

Now that you know that it is easy to create a Text list on a t-shirt, the next time a school, team, or group asks you to create them a design, offer this option for an even more personalized design!