New Animal Clip Art and Sports Layout for Custom T-shirt Design

Filed in Artwork Ideas and Tips by on January 17, 2017

We have a huge collection of animal clip art in Easy View® online t-shirt designer. But, to be honest, a few species are a little under-represented. That’s why this week we’ve added more furry & hard-shelled friends to our collection, based on our customers suggestions.

QAP-65 is designed for ‘Beast Mode’, but it is fully customizable to fit any mascot, sport or event by simply changing the text and clip art.


Our rodent group needed some updates to include some favorite animals.



X2M-174 courtesy of Great Dane Graphics

X2M-178 courtesy of Great Dane Graphics

The aquatic animals got some new additions, too!





X2F-98 courtesy of Great Dane Graphics

To finish it off, a couple of cute ladybugs.



Be sure to check out more of Great Dane Graphics artwork at

Happy designing!

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