Custom Apparel for End of the School Year

As the end of the school year is about to wrap up, it is no less busy. School students of all ages have scheduled events that are in need of custom apparel. This creates plenty of opportunities for T-shirt businesses. (View our printable PDF infographic)


Field Day Layout QYT-63

One of our many Field Day layouts that you can customize for your own school.

A popular event among the younger students is Field Day. Most schools will plan a field day in the spring in which classes will compete against each other in outdoor activities. In the U.S., there are about 35 million students aged Pre-K through 8th grade. That’s a lot of kids who need a custom Field Day shirt! We have plenty of design layouts ready for Field Day.

For this type of event, some schools will have a different shirt color for each class, but everyone will have the same design. This is easy with custom screen printed transfers. Try to choose shirt colors that you can use the same ink color on all of them. Depending on the number of different shirt colors you need, this may not be possible. If you have to split the colors into a light and dark ink, such as white and black, then use a color change during ordering. For $15, you can order the same design in a different color, but you receive the price at the total quantity of the design! For example, if you need the same design in 50 transfers in white, and 25 in black, then you actually get the 75 quantity price break. This color change can help you save in printing costs.

ink color change

If you keep the same design and just change the ink color, your order will be the total quantity, not 2 separate orders!

A spring event for the older students is Prom. Over the years, prom has become a big deal for high schoolers and almost a whole industry in itself. Over 75% of students attend prom with an average of about $1000 being spent on prom related expenses per household! As apparel decorators, let’s cash in on this opportunity. In regards to custom apparel, there probably is not too much we can do for the actual prom dance itself, however, most high schools now provide a whole other event after prom, called After Prom. This is where the custom T-shirts come in. This event has a theme that may or may not follow the theme of the prom dance. Create a shirt that follows this theme and give the students something to help commemorate their prom. Prom is something that students will remember for years after into their adult years.

Custom T-shirt for After Prom

Layout QSL-156

An even more memorable event that takes place in the spring is graduation! An estimated 3 million high school seniors graduate each spring. There are plenty of ways to create unique custom T-shirts for graduates. From senior designs, “class of” designs, class lists, to even signature designs, we have lots of layouts for each of these that are easy to customize in seconds.

adding signatures to your t-shirt design

Add students’ actual signatures to your design!

These few end-of-the-school-year events have a lot of participants, which have potential for large orders with big profits! Use Easy View®, our online design tool, to create a few ideas in just minutes to show these event planners what you can do. Showing them finished designs up front will make less work for them and will be more likely to give you the job!

Easy View is a free tool for all of our active dealers. If you are already a dealer, log in to Easy View and start designing! If you are new, learn how you can become a dealer to design in Easy View.