Ideas for Spring T-Shirt Sales

There are lots of events and sports going on in the Spring and getting Spring t-shirt ideas is super helpful if you are trying to print shirts and uniforms for these occasions.

After being cooped up inside all winter, everyone is eager to get out of the house and start participating in sports and other events.

With that, comes Spring t-shirt sales.

We have plenty of ideas for you in this post for Spring t-shirts and uniforms.


Spring Sports Apparel

Between city leagues, private club leagues, and school teams, there is no shortage of shirts and uniforms you can print for Spring sports.

Both the sports uniforms and the spiritwear are orders that are highly sought after and very profitable.

Spring sports include baseball/softball, track, tennis, and lacrosse. There are even some Spring leagues that play other sports, too, like Spring recreational soccer.


Baseball/Softball Uniforms

One of the biggest, most profitable jobs you can get for Spring custom apparel decorating are the baseball and softball leagues.

Almost every city has a youth league, with many kids of all ages who participate.

Starting with tee-ball, all the way up to high school leagues, and even adult leagues.

At a bare minimum, every player in every league gets at least a t-shirt for a uniform to wear.

Other leagues include a t-shirt and hat, while others also include a shirt, hat, and pants.

The style of shirt will also vary, from a plain t-shirt, a 2-button Henley style, to a full split front button up jersey. Any of these shirts can be made from plain cotton, a cotton/poly blend, or 100% polyester performance wear.


print baseball uniforms with names and numbers


Knowing the fabric type is important information to have so you know which transfer type to use.

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As part of the uniform, players will also wear a number. Some leagues will also include a name as well.

Names and numbers are an easy add-on using stock screen printed numbers and pre-spaced, individual Express Names.

These pair perfectly together and apply both at once.

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Track is a big order to fulfill as well since a track team can have 100 students or more at the larger schools between both the boys and girls teams.

Care must be taken during the printing process when it comes to track uniforms, since most are made from heat sensitive materials, such as polyester, nylon, or spandex.

For polyester, you can use any of the transfers that apply at a low temperature such as Elasti Prints screen printed transfers or any of the full color transfers in the UltraColor product line.

Track uniforms usually consist of a top and shorts.

Some schools include numbers on these uniforms, but a lot of the newer uniforms are not including numbers since most track meets now include the paper bibs.


track uniform


Other Spring Sports Uniforms

The concept is the same for any other Spring sport you are decorating for.

Know the requirements of the team or league, and you’ll be able to decorate for any team uniform for any sport.

When printing with screen printed transfers, one of the important factors to know is the fabric type. There is a transfer that is good for almost any fabric, but knowing which one to use is key.

Tennis shirts, for example, could use polyester, which would need Elasti Prints screen printed transfers.



Besides the actual Spring sports uniforms, spiritwear for the sports is also a very lucrative apparel decorating job.

There are so many options to print for spiritwear, including t-shirts, caps, bags, hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, stadium seats, rally towels, etc.

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You can print spiritwear for any specific sport or school, so there are a lot of opportunities for this market.

Adding MOM or DAD onto a shirt using Express Names is an easy way to add personalization. If you have extra space on your gang sheet, you can also add them on there as well, or just incorporate it into the design. The example below was able to fit a design for both Mom and Dad onto the same gang sheet.


baseball spiritwear for mom and dad


Spring T-Shirt Sales for Schools

Besides sports, school shirts are another very profitable printing job.

There are lots of t-shirt printing opportunities when it comes to Spring t-shirts for schools, because a lot of events are taking place in the Spring.


Spring Break

Usually in high school and college, a lot of clubs take group trips during their Spring break. Because it’s an organized group, many will get t-shirts for the event, especially when they want to be seen as a unified group, such as a charity or volunteer event.

When it comes to Spring break, even sports tournaments take place in which teams will partake in. Special t-shirts for these events are also needed.

If you are located in a city or beach town where Spring breakers flock to, this is a special opportunity as well. Print souvenir style shirts for vacationers buy to remember their special Spring break trip to the beach.


tie dye t-shirt and tote bag for the beach


Signature, Class Of, Class List, and Graduation Shirts

The Springtime is when students are beginning to count down the rest of the school year. This is the season in which class shirts are typically purchased.

We see a lot of schools get signature shirts for seniors, or a grade that is “graduating” from the school, such as kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, etc, but is also not limited to these classes.

Some schools get them for each class or grade to commemorate the school year.

Signature shirts consist of every student’s handwritten signature printed onto the shirt design. This is easy to do with screen printed transfers. Just get a template from Easy View online designer, have the students all sign the template, and send it back to us to use to print all of your transfers.


class signature shirt


Students love these type of shirts with their own signature printed onto everyone’s shirt.

Other popular Spring t-shirt designs include Class Of and Graduation shirts. Again, as mentioned above, graduation shirts are not just limited to high school seniors. Other grades partake in “graduation” ceremonies at the end of the year, such as graduating from preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, etc.

Class Of shirts are great for any class. Some schools get them for each class every year. They become a collectors item for the students to have for each year of school.

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Pre-made layout templates are available for all of these types of designs within Easy View online designer. Just pick a layout and customize it in the designer for what you need quickly and easily.

Large class lists are also easy with our layouts and Easy View online designer. Just upload a list of names into the designer and it populates into the design automatically.


Spring Play/Musical

Almost every middle and high school has a drama club or department. And usually each school will have a Fall and Spring play.

These almost always include having shirts as well. Just like a sports team jersey or spiritwear, this is the drama club’s annual shirt for their production.

Whether it is general for the club that year or customized to the particular play or musical that they are performing, it usually will consist of a list of participants incorporated into the design or as a separate list on the back of the shirt.

Just like the Class List designs, choose a layout in Easy View, and easily add each of the students’ names.



Prom is a big Spring event at high schools. Besides the actual dance, many schools provide an “after prom” party for students.

Ordinarily, this after prom party has a theme, and t-shirts are included. There are many prom themes in Easy View online designer as well.


Field Day

A popular Spring event for elementary schools is Field Day.

Typically, since the entire school will participate, this is a large t-shirt order.

When you use a white or black ink, you’ll be able to decorate the entire school with the same transfer design. Then, just make each grade or class different by using a different color shirt.


Field Day shirts


By using a Color Change for your transfers, you’ll get the quantity price break for the entire order, but get both your white and black inks (or whatever colors you want to choose).

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Other Opportunities for Spring T-Shirt Sales

Besides sports or school shirts, there are other Spring t-shirt ideas that you can print, too.

There are a number of Spring holidays that include events that people get t-shirts for.

A few ideas are:

  • Earth Day
  • World Autism Day
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day

Think outside of the box for these holidays. While some of these holidays wouldn’t sell t-shirts too well on their own as just t-shirts for the holidays, there are events that take place that would sell t-shirts.

As an example, for Earth Day t-shirts, you may not be able to sell too many t-shirts that are just for Earth Day, but how about t-shirts for organized clean up groups. These are common events for Earth Day and most get t-shirts for the volunteers.


t-shirt for Earth Day beach clean up


Spring T-Shirt Styles and Trends

There are trends that are being seen and not seeming to slow down when it comes to styles and colors.

Shirts that are comfortable, oversized, with laid back styles are very popular, including crop tops and fleece materials.

Garment dyed, ice washed, patterned, tie-dyes and heathers are all popular as well.


tie dye t-shirt trends


Soft colors like pastels are great for Spring time.

Brands like Comfort Colors or equivalent garment dyed t-shirts like the Port & Company Beach Wash have been popular for a while and will continue to be through the Spring and beach seasons.


garment dyed t-shirts beach wash


These looks and colors are perfect for Spring breakers going to warm, sunny beach spots, along with Spring events in general.

Stick to these trends and you’ll be popular throughout the Spring season.


Spring T-Shirt Designs

As mentioned throughout this post, there are plenty of pre-made Spring design layouts that you can use for any of these sports, schools, or occasions.

Log into Easy View online designer (you can easily create an account if you don’t have one yet), choose a layout, and customize it with your own colors, size, text, fonts, clip art, etc.

Within minutes, you’ll have a completely unique and custom design, even if you aren’t an artist. Anyone can design in Easy View online designer.


Easy View online designer


You’ll have a professionally looking Spring t-shirt design that you can sell to your customer.

If you are looking for Spring t-shirt ideas, you’ll get plenty by scrolling through all of the layouts.

Once you customize each design (or if you choose to mostly use it as is), you can mockup the design on apparel or model photos with just a couple clicks to show your customer.


Easy View apparel mockup tool


This makes giving them ideas super easy and fast.

There are no subscriptions or fees to use Easy View.

Log in to start creating your Spring t-shirt designs now!




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