Custom Clip Art (CCA) – Use Your Own Clip Art in Easy View®

Your custom clip art can be used in Easy Prints® layouts with the Custom Clip Art program on sale now!

Your custom clip art can be used in Easy Prints® layouts with the Custom Clip Art program on sale now!

In past blog posts, we talked about you not finding a clip art in our Easy Prints® collection and having the option to create a Custom Clip Art (CCA) from your artwork that you can use in Easy Prints layouts to save money on future orders. This is perfect if you have a school mascot or logo that  you know you’ll use often throughout the year and you want to use it in Easy Prints layouts. Take advantage of this Custom Clip Art Program we have available.

We will convert your customer’s mascot or logo for a cost of $60 into a Custom Clip Art that will be available to you in the Easy View® online designer. Your CCA will be assigned a number related to your Dealer ID and you can use it just like any other clip art in our Easy Prints® collection.

Just upload the artwork at and click on “Send us your artwork”. We will confirm the order with you and then our professional artists will convert your artwork into your very own CCA.

If you have already ordered the clip art you want as a CCA in a previous transfer order, just give us a call at 800-622-2280 and let us know the order you’ve used the clip art in. The cost is only $15 to convert this clip art into a CCA.

To find out more information about this Custom Clip Art Program, visit the link below and watch the video on how you can use your new CCA in the Easy View online designer.

Custom Clip Art Program



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I have a mascot I would like to make custom clip art. It sounds easy enough in the directions but I can’t seem to figure it out, haha! I have uploaded the logo into the online designer but I don’t want any prints yet, I want the clip art available for future designs. Can you help me get my logo as a custom clip art for $60 like it says online? Thanks!

Dealer Services

In the order notes section please note to save this clip art as a custom clip art.


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