Custom Matching T-shirts for Girls and Their Dolls

Vacations are a great time for relaxation but also inspiration. I love seeing all the custom t-shirt designs and sayings when in a new city. On a recent trip to Chicago while waiting for my teenage son to get up, I ventured to the American Girl® store. As the mother of two sons, this is foreign territory for me and I was amazed at the store. There are floors full of dolls, doll clothing and accessories, a restaurant for you and your doll and even a doll salon.

One of their new lines is a great idea for our customers who market to girls such as dance teams, camps, cheerleading groups, and sports teams. They had an area where you chose a stock design and a matching shirt is created for both the girl and the doll. You can take this to the next level with custom printed shirts for girl and doll. Those little shirts would be a great add on sale or a way to differentiate you from the competition.  And a perfect use for those extra prints you can fit on a screen printed transfer gang sheet (a sheet printed with more than one image)!

Custom t-shirts for both girls and dolls

Create Custom Matching Doll T-shirts for Girls