Custom Transfers with Bling – Metallic, Glitter or Foil?

If your customer is looking to brighten the look of their printed apparel, we have three different heat applied custom transfer options available.

1. Goof Proof® in metallic silver ink

This is the most durable and least expensive option. Screen printed metallic ink transfers have flecks of metal to provide a little sparkle. But even so, these are the most subtle “bling” of the three. They are the best choice for athletic or school items that need to be durable for constant wear.

2. Glitter

This option has a lot of shine yet is still very durable, since it is a screen printed ink. There are actual glitter pieces in the ink so no worry of the mess that comes with traditional glitter applicators that come lose with wear. Glitter  is perfect for cheer and dance teams, because it meets both needs – it adds sparkle and is still long-lasting.

3. Foil

This is actually a 2 step process as you need both a transfer and the foil product to put over it. This look is desirable for fashion items and is great because you can choose to foil just a portion of the print giving a 2 texture look at just a 1 color price. However, this is the least durable of the three but by using it with the metallic silver ink, in time if the foil does flake off, you still have a very durable metallic silver print on the shirt.

metallic ink, glitter ink and heat transfer foil on screen printed shirts

Metallic ink, glitter ink and heat transfer foil options for when you want to add bling to your screen printed apparel