Custom Transfer Cost Saving Tip – Using Gang Sheets

A customer recently emailed us wanting a quote for 3 different prints for baby onsies all using the same plastisol ink color. They needed 60 of each and wanted to know the best way to order. The answer – gang sheets!

It took a few emails back and forth for them to understand that even though they had 3 different designs, you save a ton of money by doing just one order with all three images on the same sheet.

The customer thought they could fit 6 on a sheet and was going to do 3 orders of 10 each. By doing this, it would have cost 10 x $5.09 = $50.90 x 3 = $152.70.

Instead, we suggested they put all three designs on one gang sheet (to create a gang sheet, all images must fit within an 11.25” x 14” area, and use the same ink color). We were actually able to fit 9 on a sheet, 3 of each design and by doing just one order of 20 sheets, they did get 60 of each image for $60.20 (20 sheets x $3.01/sheet)—a cost savings of $92.50.  The 180 baby shirts were custom printed using screen printed transfers for just 33¢ each!

Multiple image custom screen printed gang sheet

Using a gang sheet for multiple images for custom screen printed transfers will help save money