Customizing Camouflage Caps

Camouflage Caps - Transfer Express Apparel

A few camouflage cap options that can be customized with screen printed transfers.

Camouflage isn’t just for hunting, it’s a fashion statement! The image above shows three camo hats that are available with Transfer Express Apparel. Port Authority Camouflage Cap. C851, District – Distressed Military Hat. DT605, and Port Authority Camouflage Visor. C822.

When customizing camouflage apparel, consider whether it is a light or dark camo when deciding your screen printed transfer ink colors. If it is a dark camo, white should look great, and if it is a light camouflage, such as pink; black ink may be your better option.

Light Pink Camo Cap

Use darker screen printed transfer ink colors on lighter camo apparel.

Either send us the artwork that you would like for your custom camouflage hats or create your own custom artwork in the Easy View® online design tool. We created our art in Easy View, fitting multiple images to a 11.25″ x 14″ screen printed transfer sheet.

The cap heat press can be used to customize each of these camouflage hats, even the visor! Adjust the cap platen size for the cap that you are customizing.


Change the time, temperature, and pressure for the specific transfer type you are using, we are using Goof Proof® screen printed transfers which apply at 365 degrees for 4 seconds. Once the proper platen is on the cap heat press machine, tighten your cap to the platen, place your transfer where you would like it on the cap, and heat press.

Customize camouflage caps for sports, events, businesses, and occassions.

Camouflage caps customized for softball, bowling, and an apparel business. Layouts QBA-261, QGL-40, and QBU-176.

You can customize camouflage caps for any occasion!

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