Custom Printed Baby Bibs

As a new parent, I have entered a whole new world of baby clothes. Baby items and clothing is a very big industry, but as custom apparel decorators, I think it is a much overlooked market. Parents are constantly buying cute things for their babies, even when they aren’t even specifically looking for them! At times, it can be an impulse buy. Especially in this age of digital engagement, proud parents like to take pictures in these items and post them all over the web to share with family and friends.

Here are a few tips to tap into this baby clothing market.

custom baby clothes

Sell to local schools using their mascot in the design.

Be original and unique to help sell. Create a funny saying that isn’t typically found in stores or anywhere else. You can create generalized baby apparel if you have a lot of foot traffic in your store (example: Is it cute in here, or is it just me?). Otherwise, gear it towards a group that would buy these in larger quantities. For instance, a restaurant that sells their own apparel may be interested in adding a baby bib. Work with the local police or fire department to do a fundraiser for them. Print for local sports teams and schools (example: “Future Cardinal”).

baby bib design for a restaurant

A funny saying like this may be a best seller at a local restaurant.

Shown here from our wholesale apparel line, we used a baby bib (item number CAR30) in the color Navy. We used CAD-PRINTZ® Express Print as the transfer type. In Easy View®, we created the design from scratch, using the tie clip art X17B-89, the badge clip art X7H-30, and the pocket from layout QPR-14. Then we added a few lines of text to finish our design.

custom printed baby bib

Use our CAD-PRINTZ digital transfers to decorate baby bibs.

The other bib that we have available in our wholesale apparel line is item number CAR31. These are white with a contrast color. Here we chose white/red and also decorated with CAD-PRINTZ Express Print. For this bib, we started with layout QLW-10, but added a few lines of text above the layout in addition to the clip art shape X19A-308. Both bibs would be perfect for not only the friends and family members of the police and fire departments, but also anyone else in the community that would like to support them in a fundraiser opportunity.

custom fire department bib

Creative and unique designs sell well.

There are also certain safety requirements when using products to customize children’s apparel. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) created guidelines for infant and toddler items. If the apparel is being used for children 3 and under and for the purpose of eating or sleeping, such as these bibs, then our CAD-PRINTZ® products meet the specified requirements. You can view and download our CPSIA certificates here.