Customizing Family Reunion Apparel

Family Reunion T-shirt created with Transfer Express Screen Printed Transfers

Prepare for family reunion orders by customizing art in the Easy View online designer. Layout: QRN-152

Games, Picnics, Family, and T-shirts; put it all together and what do you get? Family reunion season! Have you started customizing family reunion apparel for your customers?

Every year when the weather starts to warm up and summer starts to show, families put aside time to be together for family reunions. If you are creating custom family reunion designs, you can use the 5,000+ customizable layouts and more than 5,000 clip art options that are available for use with our custom transfers and non-apparel products.

There are many layouts made specifically for family reunions. These layouts can be customized and personalized in the Easy View® online design tool. If you want to use a layout that is not for family reunions, you can customize it to turn it into a family reunion design by changing the words and clip art.

We even have design ideas and helpful family reunion apparel information on our social media channels. Such as our Transfer Express® Pinterest page, Easy Prints® Pinterest page, and Transfer Express Facebook page! Here are several examples of family reunion t-shirt designs that you can create:

Easy Prints Pinterest page - Family Reunion Board

The Easy Prints and Transfer Express Pinterest pages have many great design ideas for customizing family reunion apparel!

Looking for more great tips for family reunions?

  • You can give each branch of the family the same design on a different colored shirt. (Smiths get red and Tylers get purple)
  • You can even divide the colors so that guys get one color and girls another. (Guys get red and girls get purple)
  • You could even switch up the shirt type between genders so guys get tank tops and girls get t-shirts.
  • If it is a themed reunion, such as a beach theme, you can incorporate the theme in the t-shirt design.
  • It is a popular option to add family member names inside of a tree in the design. These names could be current family members or commemorate family members who have passed away.
  • It is also a popular option to add state clip art to show where the family reunion is being held or where the family members originate from.
  • Since family reunions are annual, you can even add custom shirt tags to the t-shirts as a reminder of where they got the t-shirts for future family reunion orders!
Beach Themed Family Reunion T-shirt - Transfer Express

This t-shirt design is great for a beach themed family reunion and gives the opportunity to separate t-shirts by gender or branches of the family with the different apparel options!

Give your customers more options so they have a reason to come back to you for their custom family reunion apparel needs each year!

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