Decorate Your Own Promotional Items

You can easily take promotional products in-house. No more outsourcing to get promo items printed.

If you are already heat printing t-shirts, you have the ability to print the top promotional products as well.

Print promotional products for your own business, or add it as a service for other businesses.

You already have a t-shirt heat press, and you can press other items besides t-shirts and hoodies.

By the way, t-shirts are the number one promotional product, but you can print other promo items, too.

Here are some ideas to get your started printing promotional products, whether it’s to promote your own t-shirt business, or selling promotional products to other businesses.


Mouse Pads

Even with the emergence of tablets and smart phones, computers are still widely used at home and the office, continuing to make mouse pads a staple in promotional products.

Mouse pads are inexpensive and very easy to print with your heat press.


promotional mouse pad


They already lie flat with no seams and have a firm surface. Since mouse pads are not very large, you can easily fit multiple prints onto a transfer gang sheet to use to print mouse pads.

You can even use the same prints that you used for left chest or caps if you want to.

Depending on the size of your heat press, you may be able to print multiple mouse pads at the same time, which can really speed up your production time.

Mouse pads come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. If you really want to get creative, try a different shape, like this football mouse pad or jersey mouse pad, for your local football teams.


football shaped mouse pad


custom printed mouse pad


Personalize them with player names and numbers by using Express Names™.

You could even sell these on your website for your other favorite teams by keeping them generic enough that you don’t need licensing.

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Can Coolers

Everybody loves can coolers and has at least a few of these lying around their house. Does this look familiar to you?


can coolers

Can cooler drawer.


The beauty of can coolers is that you can print just about anything on them. Company logos, school mascots, teams, fashion designs – you name it.

Can coolers are extremely inexpensive and very easy to print. You can place multiple can coolers on your heat press at once. (We even carry a special can cooler platen that helps as well.)


Goof Proof screen printed transfers laid on 9 can coolers


Since can coolers are small, you can fit a bunch of the logos or designs on one transfer sheet. Besides the low cost of the blank can coolers, this makes printing them very cost effective, too.

Just like with the mouse pads, you can print can coolers for specific groups, companies, teams, etc. Personalize for individuals using 1″ Express Names™ to include a player name and number.


custom printed can coolers


Or you can print them with fashion designs or sayings that anybody will buy and sell them on your website, Spirit Sale, or your social media platforms.


printed can coolers for camping




While you can’t stick a mug or tumbler inside your t-shirt heat press, you can decorate them with decals, which you can also get through Transfer Express.

Use the same artwork that you are ordering your transfers with to get custom all-purpose stickers.


promotional mug


These have been tested through the dishwasher and they hold up great.

Coffee lovers, tea drinkers, and sayings of other beverages of choice, are all topics that are popular on drinkware.


sticker on tumbler


Athletes need water bottles, so don’t forget this option, either. Decorate these with sports teams and school mascots.


sticker on water bottle




Cap make a nice promotional item. They can cost a little more than the other options listed here, so these might be reserved for a customer with a larger budget or someone trying to capture a narrower, particular market.


printed promotional cap


If printing uniforms for restaurants or other businesses, caps make a great add-on that completes the uniform. Add the cap print right onto the same transfer sheet as the left chest logo or full front design to save on printing costs.


printed cap with uniform


Caps are often included in the promotional products for elections, as well. When printing shirts for candidates or issues, ask your customer if they would like caps with the shirts.


printed cap for election campaign


To print caps, you will need a separate cap press.

The Hotronix® 360 IQ Hat Press has a lot of versatility and can apply patches and other transfers with ease. The platen is designed so that you can print any style cap without changing the platen. It is a one size fits all hat press workhorse.


Get caps and other promotional products in the Transfer Express Apparel line.



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