Easy Prints vs Easy Prints Plus… Reset To Closest!

Have you ever had a customer with a custom logo that they needed on fundraising shirts and you knew it was going to drive the price up?  More times than not, custom logos can be turned into an Easy Prints and you pay the Easy Prints Pricing as opposed to the Easy Prints Plus Pricing.

Shirts at a fundraiser seem to be a staple.  Usually, fundraisers are for a great cause where the host of the event is trying to keep costs down to raise more money for the foundation, individual, etc.

So when they come to you for shirts, you obviously want to keep the cost down as much as you can for them.  Usually, customers will come with a logo for the cause or a possibly a local business who is supporting the fundraiser.  There also is usually some flexibility in tweaking the logo a little to possibly keep your cost down (not to mention their cost down).

Take this example I just came across recently.  A customer had a local, independent restaurant who was sponsoring a fundraiser and wanted to give away shirts with their logo on them.

They came in with their logo and wanted to keep costs down.  We were able to take a look at the logo and make a few minor changes to it using Transfer Express fonts and clip arts to take what would have been an Easy Prints Plus logo and make it to in Easy Prints logo keeping everyone’s costs down.

This was the logo that the customer was approached with

This is the logo after we had the artist reset the text







While you can see a slight difference in the “A” the restaurant didn’t see enough difference to veto it.  All parties involved were happy and the cost was minimal for everyone involved.  They even added a line of text to the design as well.

If you ever see a logo that you think you might be able to make into an Easy Prints, you have a few options.  You can always try to design it yourself in the Easy View designer.

You can also upload the art and speak to one of our reps to give you guidance.  Our reps see hundreds of fonts and clip arts daily and know what is an Easy Prints font/clip art vs an Easy Prints Plus font/clip art.

With the logo we used as an example, our Customer Service rep simply relayed to our designer to make the logo as close as possible using our clip arts and resetting the text to the closest font that we have.

So next time you have a custom logo, call into customer service.  You may be able to make it into an Easy Prints and save money!!

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