Easy View Q and A: Preview and Share

Easy View®, the online designer for custom heat applied transfers, is a free tool but is packed with many features.

The designer is easy to use, but a lot of the features can go unnoticed if you aren’t aware they are there.

Some of the questions or suggestions we frequently get are related to previewing a mock up of the design on apparel or to show a created design to their own customers.

Most customers want to share a mock up of the artwork on garment with their customer so they can get an idea of what it will look like when it is finished.

This is all possible using the Preview and Share feature of Easy View.

This short video quickly shows the Preview and Share feature.



Here are some of the top questions about the Preview and Share, and how to accomplish each of them.


Question: Are we able to have proofs in Easy View for mock ups?

Answer: Yes, this feature is the preview part of the Preview and Share option within Easy View.

When you are in Easy View and you have your shirt design finished and ready to show your customer, in the bottom, right hand corner, you will see a button called “Apparel/Share”.

Click the button and it will take you to a new screen – the Preview and Share screen.


preview and share


You can select the apparel you want to preview your design on for your mock up, along with the color of the garment.

If you created a gang sheet and not a single image design, you can choose to preview part of your gang sheet only by using the dropdown arrow on the Apparel/Share button, and choose “Selection Only”.


preview selection only


The trick is to have the area you want to preview selected before you choose this option.

Then only the part of your design that you have selected will be previewed instead of the entire gang sheet.



Question: Am I able to upload a company logo to use as a watermark?

Answer: While you cannot upload a company logo for a watermark, you can customize the watermark with your company name.

In the Preview and Share, click on the “Watermark” option in the top red toolbar. Then you can type your company name into the text box and select “Update”.


company watermark




Question: Is there a way we could export to PNG for client presentations and mock ups?

Answer: Yes, once you have the chosen apparel and color you would like to show in the Preview and Share screen, you will see a red toolbar at the top of the screen. In the toolbar is a “Download” option. Click the button and you can save your preview as a PNG file.

The file name will default to Sample.png, but you can name it anything you would like to so you know what it is later.


download the preview image




Question: Is there the ability to email proofs from a personalized email?

Answer: Yes, there is the ability from the Preview and Share feature to email your customer a proof straight from Easy View, and have the email coming from your own personal email. If they reply to the email, it will actually go back to you, too!

From the Preview and Share screen, click on “Email” in the top red toolbar. A Share panel will open. In the panel, add your own email in the “From” box, your customer’s email in the “To” box, and you can add an email subject line and message along with the mock up image.

If you would like a copy sent to your own email at the same time, just click on the box that says “Email copy to sender” so that it is checked.


email preview image




Question: Can I show the actual garment in the design?

Answer: The apparel that is available in Easy View for mock ups is the same apparel for sale on our site. This helps to show your customer what the design will look like on the actual item that you can get, and not some random article of clothing that you won’t be able to find later.


blank apparel selection on site


This is especially important if your customer wants a shirt with accent colors, piping, or other features that are very specific.

In the search box on the left in the Preview and Share, just type in the apparel item number from our apparel line that you wish to view your design on.


apparel selection preview


It’s pretty neat to show the design on the exact shirt you can order for them. Oh, and you can order that exact shirt right from Easy View as well! Just type in the number of each size on the right hand side of the screen, in the “Add Blank Apparel” panel.

add blank apparel


There are a lot of apparel items to show your designs on, including tie-dye shirts!


preview image with tie-dye shirt




Question: How do I change the sizing to reflect actual size of the artwork?

Answer: While you are in the Preview and Share screen, you can select your design to get the resizing handles. Just click on one of the green corner triangles and drag to the size of your preference.

Don’t worry about the exact size, as long as it is close, your customer will get the concept and idea. No one will notice if the left chest logo of the mock up is proportioned to 4 inches or 4.5 inches.


resize design on apparel preview


Plus, the design will look slightly different on each shirt size anyway. So if your design is 11 inches wide, it will look slightly different on an adult small shirt than it will on an adult large shirt.

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Question: Is there an option to make the clothing generic without it being on a boy or a girl? Most of the apparel models are boys and when I do a girls team, I don’t want to show them an image with a boy.

Answer: When you are choosing apparel, the photos will be the same as the apparel line on the site. If you are choosing a women’s style shirt, they will have a woman as the model. There are some options of apparel that do not have a model, but shows only the shirt itself. The Augusta apparel is mostly shown without models, for example.

There is also an option at the bottom of the apparel panel to choose to “Show Generic Apparel”. When this is checked, it will show sketches of apparel instead of actual photos.

show generic apparel sketches




Question: Can I show the back of shirts as an option for a virtual preview?

Answer: You can show the back of a shirt using the “Show Generic Apparel” option at the bottom of the apparel panel in the Preview and Share screen.

Using this option, there is the back of a t-shirt and a hoodie.


back of hoodie preview image


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