How to Handle Multiple Shirt Sizes

Help! I have a customer that wants me to do an order that has mostly youth sizes but they also have some Adult XL. Do I need two orders?

This is a frequently asked question—how do you handle an order that has a wide range of shirt sizes? To keep the cost to a minimum, the best way to order is to use the same print size for all sizes. The secret to success is to make the image as big as you can on your smallest shirt size. It may look a little large on that very small shirt, but it will look perfect on the majority of the shirts and still look good on the biggest shirt. This will help keep your customer in budget, win you a customer because you were able to give them the very best price and offer service with a helpful tip.

This happens frequently in leagues. A typical t-ball order will be for 2 Youth Small, 10 Youth Medium, 2 Youth Large and 2 Adult X-Larges for the coaches. To get the best price, you want to order one size print for an order of 16. Our standard adult size, 11” wide, would fit on youth small but cover most of the front. In this case, since the majority of sizes needed are youth, I would recommend going just a little smaller. A 10” size would be perfect- it is perfect for the youth size shirts and just a little smaller than a standard adult size for the adult shirts, and you and your customer get the price advantage of just one order.

Youth small size t-shirt with transfer print

Make sure that your transfer will fit on the smallest size shirt in the order.

Adult XL size t-shirt with transfer print

Use the same size print on the coachs' XL shirts as the youth smalls.

If you are not sure, our Dealer Service team can help you decide on the best size print to choose. So they can best help you, just know the print area available on your smallest shirt and the range of sizes in your order.