Extended Cut-Off Times for the West

Our mission at Transfer Express is to help you grow your apparel decorating business. We know that we are only successful when you are successful.

In order to help your business grow, we are constantly taking your feedback and trying to incorporate it into our products and services.

One of the ways we are making it easier for you to take care of your customers faster, is to extend order cut-off times for the West.


Extended Order Cut-Off Times

We adjusted the order cut-off times for production turnaround.

What do we mean by “order cut-off times”?

Order cut-off times are the times of the day that you need to have your order placed by if you want it to be placed on that day’s production schedule.

If you are passed that specified time of the day, it will be placed on the next day’s production schedule.

We are the fastest in the industry at getting your custom transfers to you quickly and on time. In order to do this, we need to have your order by a certain time so it aligns with our fast production schedule.

If you place your orders by these set times, it puts your order on a schedule to be produced and shipped when we say it will.

Previously, cut-off times for various orders use to be 11 am ET and 3 pm ET for the entire country.

However, now the cut-off times in the western half of the U.S. now match the fast turnaround times of the eastern half of the U.S.

With the adjusted times, now the cut-off times for the western half of the U.S. are 11 am PT and 3 pm PT.

The map below shows where these zones are divided. “Zone 1” includes the western half of the country, while “Zone 2” includes the eastern half.


map of ordering zones


The 11 am cut-off time includes Express Names for same day shipping.

The 3 pm cut-off time includes numbers, stock rhinestone transfers, stock screen printed flags and ribbons, and certain marketing materials like catalog packs and color swatch books (Color Selectors). If these orders are placed by these particular times of the day, then they will ship that day.

When single color Easy Prints custom transfer orders are placed by 3 pm, then they will ship the very next day.

This is another step forward to helping you grow your apparel business and getting your custom screen printed transfers to you as fast as possible. This in turn will allow you to provide your own customers with superior customer service as well.



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