Vintage Cars and Automotive Clip Art and New Easy Prints Layouts

There are hundreds of thousands of car shops around the country. This niche market of local businesses like mechanics, automotive shops, and custom car detailing can bring you big profits while allowing you to support local businesses.

This huge selection of Vintage and custom auto shops, mechanics or even classic car events is why our customers have been requesting more clip art and design layouts geared towards this market for creating awesome t-shirt and apparel designs. This week, we’ve added two new Easy Prints® layouts for car lovers and plenty of clip art to include in any design in the Easy View® Online Designer.

The new two new layouts are designed to give auto enthusiasts classic options for their custom auto shop.








Start with simple automotive design layout, QBU-332 to customize for a local auto shop in your area. This layout features a new vintage car inspired by a classic 1948 Chevy, X18B-83 and a vintage gas pump clip art, X18B-82.

Your next layout, QBU-333 gives you more detail and a great look for a custom auto shop with a fancy Black Jack Script font and decorative swirls! The low rider clip art, X18B-85, resembles a popular 1963 Buick and can be colored to your customer’s needs.







In addition to the new clip art seen in the layouts above, we also added favorite vintage automotive collectibles that can be used in any design in Easy View! Choose from a vintage motor oil can, X18H-102, a gasoline can, X18H-103 or a classic convertible clip art, X18B-84.

Also check out these new decorative clip art used in new layout above, X26A-146, X26A-147 and X26A-148.

For more automotive and mechanic layouts and clip art, check out these popular designs that are available in Easy View now!

Time for a Tune-Up with New Clip Art and Layouts!

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