Field Day Design Ideas

field day shirts

Field Day Shirts are a rainbow of colors.

Towards the end of the school year, when the weather is nice for the majority of the country and kids are getting restless inside the classroom, local schools hold a Field Day as a chance to get outside and play fun games.  Most Field Day events at schools are run similarly. Game stations are set up and the kids from each class go around to the different games to participate. The playground or large area near the school is used and there could be several hundred kids joining in. To be able to have organized chaos, the entire school gets the same print placed on different color shirts to distinguish the grade or class.

As a decorator, your job is to help create a fun and colorful Field Day with shirts! To start, talk with the Physical Education Director or teacher. This person is usually the organizer of the event. Talk to them about what they’ve done in the past and give them ideas of what design they can put on their shirt this year. Help choose the different color of shirts for the different classes or grades. The best color choices are bright and fun colors like neon colors and bright red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink etc.

Because the event uses many different color of shirts, the best color design to use is one that can be placed on all of the colors if possible. White and black designs are most popular because they can be applied to a variety of different colors.

As for the design itself, offer the event organizer several fun design ideas to choose from. The layout ideas from the Easy Prints® collection offer a great starting off point for creating the perfect design for the school. Check out the video below for ideas for Field Day shirts. The designs used in the video are from the Easy Prints® layouts and customized for different schools. You can find fun layouts in each of the sections including School, Baseball, Events, Football, Fashion and more.


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