Printing Summer Promotional Products

The long winter is over, spring has arrived and summer is around the corner. Now is the time to get your promotional product sales ready for the summer. In a recent article from the EmbroidMe franchise, they listed out what items will be hot. In this article, we will talk about how to print those items.

Koozies are a low cost promotional product and a staple for summer sales. Yesterday, we wrote an entire blog on ideas for printing these using a heat press and custom transfers. We have even added a can cooler platen for your heat press to make application even easier.

platen to heat print Koozies

Print Koozies easily with the can cooler platen.

With the hot weather, we move apparel from the staple of winter, hoodie sweatshirts to tank tops. With the lighter weight shirt, you will want to use lighter weight prints. Our screen printed transfers are a great option. Keep in mind when creating your art to use more show thru space and less ink for a softer, lighter print.

custom printed beach towel and tank top

Tank tops and beach towels are popular summer promotional products after the Koozie.

Visors are a great headwear option. Keep in mind the shorter print area and choose art that is more rectangular in shape to better fill a visor’s print area. All of our custom transfer products work great on visors.

For a day at the beach, softside cooler, beach towels and beach umbrellas can all be heat printed. Choose coolers made from polyester. If you are printing a small area it may be easier to use a cap press. Towels are cotton so the screen printed transfer is a good option. For beach umbrellas, just watch the material. For a denier polyester, our entire product line will work.

Another item that can be heat printed is the beach chair. You may need the help of a second person so that you can position the transfer on the chair and close your press, but the results are great!

heat printed beach chair

With the right size platen, even a beach chair can be heat printed!

Enjoy your summer.



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Eli Richardson

I’m glad you talked about different promotional product ideas for the summer. In a few months, my wife will host a corporate event, and she’s planning it. I’ve heard that customizing products for this kind of event is a good idea, so I’ll be sure to share your article with my wife. Thanks for the tips about what type of promotional item it’s perfect for the hot weather.


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