Finding Design Sizes & Transfer Placement

Did you know that we provide tips to help you determine your transfer size as well as where to place your transfers on apparel items? There are great links for both image placement and transfer design sizes on our website!

Sizes for custom t-shirt designs

Choose the green drop-down box to get more size options!

First, let’s check out the transfer design sizing resource. Go to the common image size page on our website, from here you can determine how large you will need your transfer designs; there are 17 different sizing tips. These tips range from a standard adult sized t-shirt design being 11” x 11,” to the size of a transfer image for a maximum visor being 5” x 2.” If you click on the green box under the images, more options will pop up for each. The image to the left shows the options that appear when you choose to see the common design sizes for t-shirts.

The webpage mentions the most common apparel sizes, but don’t forget about fashion sizes, which could include form-fitting tops and bottoms. For example, a form-fitting junior sized female shirt will use a smaller transfer than a standard sized adult shirt. If you would like to make the transfer sizes custom to the type of apparel you are heat pressing to; consider purchasing the garments before the transfers so that you can use a ruler to measure the space where you would like the screen printed or digital transfer design to be.

When you are ready to heat press your custom heat applied transfers and need tips on where to place your transfer on the apparel item, check out the image placement page. Here, you will find positioning tips for left chest, pant legs, and more. It even provides tips for heat printing to a split front t-shirt!

Keep in mind, that these are the most common spots to place your heat applied transfers. Some alternative areas where you can heat apply your transfers that are not included on this webpage include; on the hood of hoodies, the butt of pants, and around the wrist of sleeves.

Placement Tips for Heat Pressing Custom Screen Printed & Digital Transfers

Placement tips for heat pressing custom screen printed & digital transfers. Includes full front, left chest, pant legs, and more


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