Font Styles for Your Names and Numbers

Our best-selling transfer number style is Champ which is the Full Block font. And our best-selling name font is also Full Block. The bold athletic look of that number and name font type has been a popular choice for years. Customers like the look with the serifs, it is easy to read and traditional. It sometimes goes by other names such as Athletic Block or Varsity, but whatever the name, it is basically the same style. About 80% of the numbers we sell will be sold in the Champ style and the same goes with the names.

But did you know we have other choices? For numbers, we offer two styles with separated outlines – All Star and Kingdom. We also have the style Goal and Soccer. In our Elasti Prints® numbers, we have 3 more fonts that can be chosen including Avalon, Rex Pro, and Euro Pro™. This gives your customers 8 font choices to choose from of these easy to apply transfer numbers. The Goof Proof® styles apply in just 4 seconds!

transfer numbers

Easily align our screen printed names and numbers by matching the paper edges for 1 easy application.


screen printed numbers for uniforms

Avalon, Champ Pro, Rex Pro, and Euro Pro are perfect for 100% polyester performance wear.

When choosing a coordinating name, we have 6 font choices – Full Block, Arial, Impress, Hercules and Rex. Two styles directly correlate to a number style – the Full Block to Champ, and the Rex to the Rex Pro number. For the others, you will want to choose a name font that coordinates rather than matches the number style.

Suggested Pairings:

Hercules names pair well with Kingdom or Goal numbers

Vogue names pair well with Soccer numbers

Impress names pair will with Avalon numbers

Rex names pair well with Euro Pro numbers

Arial names pair well with the Goal numbers

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Janie Warren

I am trying to create a team name using Tiffany font and make it two color….It will not allow me to create it as a two color option. Is Tiffany not available in two color?

Dealer Services

Hi Janie,
If you are referring to our Express Names, Tiffany is not an option as a font. If you are trying to build a design in Easy View, yes you can make text two colors. On the left hand side, choose the “Show Special Effects” button, then “Effects”. You can then scroll down to “Touching Outline”. That will allow you to add a second color. Hope this helps!

Dealer Services

I’m sorry we don’t have downloadable fonts


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