New Mardi Gras Layout and Clip Art

Just in time for Fat Tuesday! This week’s new layout and clip art has a Mardi Gras theme to expand on our Holidays collection. They are available for immediate use in Easy View.

QHL-79 incorporates some of the new clip art.


X3B-149 can be used for various band images and can be ungrouped and used individually. Featured in Layout QMU-74.


X17A-1004 can be ungrouped and rearranged or used individually. Featured in Layout QHL-69.


X16D-107 is a Bourbon Street style lamp but can be ungrouped to remove various pieces. Featured with additional clip art X16D-73 & X19B-206 and added text.


X16D-106 is a New Orleans style jazz club that can be used for a variety of events. Featured in Layout QMU-59.


Have you designed your Mardi Gras shirts yet? There is still time before the big celebration!

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I love the street light I would like for it to say Mobile Alabama on the street sign with mardi Grad beeads hanging off the street pole….. love this


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