Free Video to Promote Your Business

We want to see you succeed!  That’s why we created this new Easy Prints® video.  It’s a great advertising tool to put on your website and social media pages to show your customers what you can create for them.

Our newest video introduces your customers to Jill, a soccer mom looking to buy uniforms for her daughter’s soccer team.  This video will help you to introduce your customers to Easy Prints® and show them all of the things that you can create for them by using Easy Prints® not only as a layout resource but as a marketing tool for your company.  This video lets your customers know that there are over 5,000 custom layouts and that Easy Prints® even provides categories, such as ‘soccer,’ to make using the Easy Prints® website and creating custom apparel items really easy to do!

We currently have this video uploaded to the Easy Prints® YouTube channel and the Easy Prints® Pinterest page.  Simply put a link to the video on your website and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  If using the video on your company’s Pinterest page, create a ‘Video’ or ‘Creating Your T-shirts’ board and repin the video from the Easy Prints® Pinterest page onto your own page!

This video is a great advertising tool to let your customers know what you can provide for them.  Share this free resource on your own website today!


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