Participate in Mustache November with Easy Prints Layouts

November! Turkey, football, cold weather, leaves and……mustaches? Yep, that’s correct! November has officially become synonymous with facial hair! Each year the month of November has been increasing in popularity by growing mustaches to help raise awareness of mens’ health issues. No Shave November was born and many male groups start with a clean shaven face and let it grow for 30 days. Throughout the month mustache’s are grown by men, women and children. Well, maybe women and children cannot literally grow a mustache but as garment decorators, you can help with this. You have an amazing amount of possibilities with your heat press to help people of all genders and ages spread awareness of mens’ health issues.

Contact local groups and businesses that cater to men to give them ideas of ways to participate in mustache November. Barber shops, bars, restaurants, sports leagues are just a few ideas to get you started. Create their shirts using Easy Prints® layouts from the Idea Book with a mustache clip art. We’ve even created a layout to help you get started and we’ll post more ideas here over the next couple weeks.

Easy Prints® layouts can be customized with mustache clip art.

Easy Prints® layouts can be customized with mustache clip art.

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