Full Color Transfer Options

If you have full color artwork, a photograph, or a small order with many colors that would make screen printed transfers prohibitive, we have four full color transfer options.   We offer three full color digital transfer options as well as a hybrid digital/screen printed transfer.    Let’s looks at when you would use each

Our three types of digital full color transfer (Express, Opaque and Sub Block) pricing is based on square inch pricing.   You will reduce costs by making your print a little smaller.   All three transfers offer the same vibrant colors and the same durability.    Your choice will primarily be made by the type of material you will be using.  All three digital transfers do come with a white contour outline but this often can be removed or made the shirt color for an additional fee.

Digital Express

Cad-Printz Express is the least expensive of the three digital transfers.   It has a little more matte finish than Opaque.    Express full color transfers can be applied to cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends.  Express is perfect for t-shirts and hoodies   It has a medium hand.

Digital Opaque

Cad-Printz Opaque has a softer hand than Express and costs a little more.   It can also be applied to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends but also woven nylons, Lycra, Spandex, Elastane and even leather.    This transfer has both stretch and rebound.    Not only is this great to use on t-shirts and hoodies, but also performance wear, leggings, and umbrellas


Digital Sub Block

Sub Block is your best full color choice if you are using a sublimated item.   This has an added blocker that prevents dye migration.

Stretch Litho

Our final full color option is a hybrid product using both digital and screen printed processes.   Stretch Litho has two huge benefits.   The first is that it is printed (and priced) by the sheet.   You have the entire 11.25 x 14 inch area to fill with what you want, in any and all colors.   The second is that it has a clear outline so if you don’t want to see the white contour outline of digital;  this full color transfer option will work best.    Stretch Litho transfers have a 5 sheet minimum if using our Easy Prints art and fonts, and 10 sheet minimum for provided art.

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