Fun New School Layouts Available in Easy View®

While we wait and see what our local cities and states do about school’s resuming or not resuming to close out the 2020 school year, as decorators, we look for ways to still keep the kids, teachers and communities connected during this unprecedented time.
Schools are still holding classes remotely through virtual conferencing like Zoom and even some are holding virtual Proms, Field Days and Graduations. This gives us the opportunity to supply kids and teachers with fun, memorable t-shirts and hoodies to keep their spirits and togetherness strong during this time.
Our graphic designers created FOUR new Easy Prints® layouts with fun designs that are loaded into the Easy View® Online Designer where you can customize them for your local schools.
For a time when we feel down and like we need some strength, this new layout QSL-286 is here to help our students Fight like the strength of their school mascot. The “Fight like an Eagle” can be personalized for your local school no batter your mascot. Will you Fight like a Tiger, a Bear, a Wildcat, or a Pirate? No matter what your school or team mascot is, this design is a great way to express your strength and drive in 2020.
Your heat transfers can be printed in the school colors with popular heat transfers like Goof Proof® or Elasti Prints® screen printed transfers like shown below on this District hoodie.

Easy Prints® Layout QSL-286

This next layout below QSL-115 is a design created by one of our customers in Easy View and shared on our Facebook page. They were nice enough to allow us to add this Senior Strong layout for everyone to use and customize for their senior class of 2020.

Easy Prints® Layout QSL-115

A growing trend is the social media video platform TikTok. Kids and adults everywhere are passing the time while staying connected using this new, popular social platform. You can now create a custom design with the TikTok logo inspired look with Easy Prints layout QSL-621 shown below on an American Apparel ® Fine Jersey T-Shirt from Transfer Express Apparel.

This design will work best as a 3 color design to resemble the TikTok logo. We would recommend using Stretch Litho™ Matte digital transfers for the most economical way to order this design with multiple colors.

Easy Prints® Layout QSL-621

Children everywhere love playing the video game Fornite. Our designers created a Fortnite inspired t-shirt design that is customizable for your local schools. No matter what class or grade, this design can be customized for Kindergarten through Senior class when they Level Up to the next grade.

Customize this Level Up layout now in Easy View by searching for QSL-255!

Looking for an inexpensive, yet comfortable t-shirt for kids? We recommend this Port and Co.youth  t-shirt from Transfer Express Apparel!

Easy Prints® Layout QSL-255


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Once you’re done, order the heat transfers from Transfer Express and heat print them onto your blank apparel!

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