Together Fundraising Transfers

This has been a rough month, but now that we settle into the new normal let’s think about what we Can Sell.    To kick off the effort, we are offering specially priced “”We Are All In This Together”   transfers that are a great message to sell in your Etsy store or on Facebook.   Better yet, now is a great time to give Spirit Sale, our e-commerce platform a try, with a 90 day free trial.

The Transfer Details

These two color transfers, using our best-selling Goof Proof ink formula, are  Neon Green/White and can be applied to almost any color t-shirt, hoodie or bag. All you need is a heat press!   If you don’t have a press, take a look at our new craft heat press that can be used for application.

The transfers are available in packs of 25 sheets for $35, or 50 sheets for $50, plus shipping.     Each sheet has three prints so your print cost is about .33 per print!

On the transfer sheet, two of the prints are 11” wide for adult shirts and we also included is an 8.5” wide print for kid’s shirts

All Proceeds Benefit COVID-19 research

The money we collect from the sale of the transfer also goes to a great cause.    We will be donating the proceeds to Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Patient Care and Research

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